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Ben Turner

Melissa's career is gaining speed with no foreseeable sign of slowing.

Her latest moment of triumph came at the People's Choice Awards 2016 where she won 2 awards: 'favorite comedic movie actress' and 'favorite comedic tv actress'.

When all eyes were on her during her acceptance speeches, she used the moment to express that she wants Mike and Molly back.

"I wish we could keep going"

After Mike and Molly's sixth season, the show will come to an end. The show didn't suffer bad ratings, so the unclear reason as to why CBS decided to axe the show is up for speculation.

Even though Mike and Molly has come to its conclusion after a decent run by all accounts, everyone's eyes are peeled on its emergent star McCarthy whose presence in the entertainment and movie industry is turning heads. In 2016, Melissa is set to feature in Ghostbusters and The Boss. Check out this awesome fan-made trailer for the former!

Congratulations on all the success, Melissa!


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