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In a recent interview with Doom's creative director Hugo Martin, it was revealed that the next chapter to this iconic series is not likely to fall far short of bad ass!

The interview, which took place over at Gameinformer for their February cover story revealed that the developers over at id Software are basting their creative oats in a few very particular areas.

It would appear that the brains behind the new game wanted to specifically capture the rock 'n roll element to the first person shooter - anything less and it's just Pokemon I guess.

"Rock 'n' roll was our inspiration for everything. There is a lot of heavy metal in our hell, and that is intentional."

In order to take Doom to the next level, the team wanted the game to feel over-the-top, in a similar way that popular action title, Brutal Legends focused on their heavy metal theme.

And, you know what, I get it, Doom is a loud, fast paced, high octane game that infects the senses. Doom never made excuses about blowing shit up and being a little over-the-top - and for me, that is absolutely what rock 'n roll is all about.

You will also notice that the new Doom has a very distinct aesthetic, the team behind the project wanted to inject the title with its own personality that throws back to the original game series. ID Software wanted to cater to both the new era of gamers as well as the old school lot.

Like me, many players of this new Doom will have toiled away many pleasurable hours back in the day in albeit occasionally fuzzy, pixelated bliss. This is not a concept that the team wanted to lose, the new game should be a beautiful mixture of '90s colors presented in brilliant HD quality.

"When you look at the original Doom, we always said it looks like the kind of stuff a 15-year-old would draw on the back of his notebook during math class. We really wanted the world to look like that--to have a personality that would shine through in everything we did. So we have a lot of skulls; it's kind of over-the-top. A little bit of Castle Grayskull in there; it's very He-Man."

Will there be a story mode?

Sticking with Doom tradition the storyline will be, let's say, limited - this is not to say that there will not be a narrative - just don't expect anything like Halo. There will be certain avenues for the players to explore that will help expand the overall experience butin general this game is not tailored towards the narrative fanbase.

What is likely to occur here - as we predicted - the Doom campaign/story will begin outside on the Mars surface, right at the outset of a demonic invasion. It will play out in a similar way to Doom and Doom 2, not the survival horror direction of Doom 3. There will be a number of game modes for players to get involved with. There will also be a number of different arenas and locations for you to wage your unholy wars in.

Doom 2016 is about big guns, terrifying monsters and blowing sh** up! This, it does brilliantly. Gameplay will include a lot of run and gun tactics while utilizing a fair few new elements like the jetpacks and grapple hooks. All these new features all go to providing this latest Doom with a totally nonlinear style of gameplay. Targets are coming at you from all angles, stay sharp.

"Story isn't something big in a Doom game, and we've taken that approach," Martin explained. "It's not what people come to Doom for; they come to kill demons and blow sh** up in amazing ways. That's really been the focus for us. That said, we've definitely infused some pretty good mystery and some fun things for players who want to find it and want to dive in and explore it a little bit."

A very exciting time for gamers everywhere. This title promises to please gamers young and old. This is an all new generation of Doom; it is the demonic rebirth of a classic that will herald the monstrous return of the Imp, Revenant, and Mancubus. Doom is back, and with an attitude that stinks worse than the Revenants' burning flesh.

Doom was originally set to launch in Q1 of this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with a beta testing phase coming in February but if rumors are to be believed - DOOM could be set to ship on June 30, as leaked by Amazon France. Take a look at the trailer.

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source: Gameinformer


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