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Now, if there's one thing that happily married new father and major Hollywood movie star Ryan Reynolds can look back on his life and be disappointed about, it's the way his past involvement in superhero movies has worked out. Sure, he's about to hit the big screen in the 'couldn't be more perfect for him' Deadpool, but before the Merc with a Mouth came along, Reynolds was very much 0 for 2 when it came to popular opinion about his super-heroic roles, with both his original portrayal of Deadpool back in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his excursion into the DC universe in Green Lantern meeting with critical and commercial maulings.

In fairness, sewing his mouth up was indefensible.
In fairness, sewing his mouth up was indefensible.

As it turns out, though, Reynolds — in keeping with his seemingly endless affable disposition and self-evidently awesome life — doesn't regret at least one of those roles. As he put it in a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Reynolds points out that while his experience on Green Lantern was "frustrating," it also "afforded me a lot of opportunities," along with, y'know, introducing him to his now wife, Blake Lively, thus leading to what will hopefully be a lifetime of happiness and all that.

That being said, Reynolds also acknowledged that there were some pretty fundamental problems with the movie, noting that:

"That's the only time I've traversed into that mega-budget territory, and it was a slightly terrifying place to be...You really need a visionary behind a movie like that, but it was the classic studio story: 'We have a poster, but we don't have a script or know what we want; let's start shooting!'"

What's pretty reassuring, though, is that Reynolds isn't letting his frustrations with his time working on Green Lantern effect his life today, with the actor not only getting right back into the superheroing saddle with Deadpool, but also focusing on the — in his case substantially — positive byproducts of the experience.

There's probably a lesson in there, somewhere...

What do you think, though?

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