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Vinyls might be a relic of the past, but they are also a thing of the now. Fans of records enjoy the quality that comes with listening to music on vinyl, and it's become somewhat of a trend.

Do you think the same would ever happen with VHS? While I haven't even seen one in ten years, there was always something so satisfying about reading the backs of those ginormous cases.

Horror fanatics might be craving for antiques of the past, as this imgur post might prove.

1. The Collector

2. The Dead

3. Drag Me To Hell

4. Exit Humanity

5. The Strangers

6. Trick 'R Treat

7. Paranormal Activity

8. Evil Dead

9. The Descent

10. The Dead

11. Sinister

Feel free to bring on the tracking lines, as those only add to the horror and terror found within the films.

And most importantly: don't forget to be kind and rewind.

[Source: imgur]


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