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On December 21, two hikers uploaded a chilling video of a tree in Defiance, Ohio, that seemed to be burning from the inside!

The footage, which was filmed by one of the men on his mobile phone, shows the tree ablaze from the inside. One of the hikers can be heard saying:

"What the f**k?! How is this even possible?”

As the flames start to roar at the top of the tree, producing little to no smoke, one of the men exclaims:

"It’s starting to get up and around."
"We better get out of here."

The YouTube video has had over 900,000 views and has prompted viewers to speculate what could have caused the freaky phenomenon.

Some viewers claim it to be the work of Satan and have dubbed it the "Devil Tree."

Others are opting for a more reasonable explanation and suggesting that the tree was struck by lightening.

While one viewer thinks that everyone is stupid for not reaching the only logical explanation:

"It was just a normal hollow tree which someone has set on fire. And why "NO smoke"? Because of chimney effect."


Sources: Mirror, You Tube.


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