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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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American Horror Story fans - and several horrified members of the Parents Television Council - will remember the outlandish blood-soaked foursome that kicked off American Horror Story: Hotel.

You know, the one that started like this...

... and ended like this.

It's up for debate, I suppose, but many are saying that Hypodermic Sally's flashback sex scene in AHS: Hotel episode 11, 'Battle Royale,' was the most sordid by far.

***SPOILERS for AHS: Hotel episode 11, obviously!***

We see Sally and a girlfriend/boyfriend couple writhing about naked together.

However, sex isn't the biggest high these thrill-seekers are chasing. And with Sally around, you know that drugs are involved.

Sally cooks and shoots up the girl, but the guy has a more unconventional method in mind. He wants to smack up what his girlfriend calls his "big & veiny".

Yup, that's Sally injecting warm street-H into the dude's peen vein. He seems to quite like it, though.

Collapsing in ecstasy, the threesome continue their heroin-fueled romp. Sally breathes happily, "I just wanna crawl inside your skins and masturbate." So far, so good...

Sally has the bright idea of physically sewing them together with thick twine - as The Countess points out, this girl has some serious abandonment issues - which turns sour when the couple die, leaving poor old Sally stitched to a pair of dead bodies. For FIVE DAYS.

No wonder she's always so bloody miserable!

Here's the promo for next week's episode, 'Be Our Guest' - it can hardly be more fabulously depraved than this week's episode... or can it?

In case you were wondering about the musical choices in this week's episode, I've created a Spotify playlist for every song featured. I'll be adding to it every week as the series goes on.

The next episode of 'American Horror Story: Hotel', 'Be Our Guest', airs January 13 on FX.

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