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Yes, I have three days left, but for now just chill out and have a little editorial about Kung Fu Panda guys.

So isn't it surprising that Jack Black was good in this?

I mean c'mon Jack Black the comedian, as a panda who fights in martial arts styles?(Of course, disregarding Goosebumps which is now a universal flop)

But with that said I digress. The Kung Fu Panda, is surprisingly stylistic, in that it's charm, and it's direction is all Asian influenced.
That's right you heard me, because not before Avatar: The Last Airbender did we have Asian influences in the American media, specifically television shows, and in the movies, and in the cinemas, I thought it'd never happened.

And by the way the Last Airbender does NOT COUNT!!!! I don't need to explain why.

Now back to the Kung Fu Panda Series, the first was deep, and I think very touching and morose especially for kids, and especially this scene


I mean c'mon you can't honestly tell me you didn't have the feels, it did in such a great way, I mean the build up, the music, the friend Shifu, standing there as if he's not willing to let him go yet but it's too late and he has to accept what happened.
Now you can all say that plays a lot on the heart strings but c'mon what about the action huh? What about the kung fu? That bad ass martial arts man?

Well we have it to, I mean the way they go around it for the Dragon Scroll thing is genius, and I didn't really mind that the chosen one(Dragon Warrior) element was in here because you know what he was into kung fu, he knew the consequences he knew he had to train hard. But what he didn't know was the specific functions of it.

And in the first it was against Ty Lung an egotistical maniac, in the second it was against the peacock and let me tell you something they both have their differences and similarities, while I'm shocked at how I'm so awed at the first film, I was taken away with the second. I mean, I had no problems believing I was in China but don't get me wrong the first one did it too, but the second just builds more, and I thought that little Pac-man dragon thing was really funny you know the one.

And in the second one it's even better because it builds on the first, and I mean builds, they take the cliff hanger which isn't really a cliff hanger but rather the back story of Po that we needed.
I mean there was a scene where Shifu tells Po that he needs to find Po but he doesn't know how, and then he meets Shen the peacock and he sees the feather and that gives him a flashback and before that he does start having dreams about that, and all while fitting in with the furious five, and it all goes from there.

Oh my God there's just so much to say.

I mean you definitely see Po continuously want to better himself, and he has that drive and motivation and perseverance to it, and all while having hurdles in this life and let me tell you this I didn't start to think about it until I watched a recent show that gave the facts about this movie, and it got me thinking.

So I think Kung Fu Panda is actually a movie about.... READY?

Self reflection. That's right building from the first, that's literally telling Po to look within and see your inner strength and use those powers to fight for good and not evil, and then in the first movie you have Ty Lung who is a perfectionist and always was brought up to say that you must be the best so you can achieve the highest status which is the Dragon Warrior, you see for him it was just a prize, and for Po it was more of an honor to be even thought of as a Kung Fu student let a lone a Dragon Warrior, and in that video it said this, they actually wanted Po to be more selfish and proud and cocky of his skills after awhile and Jack Black disagreed and I think that's very sensible of Jack to do that why? Because Ty Lung is exactly that as well so, in fact Ty Lung is his vision of what it would be like if Po let it all into his head.

And what more proof is there? Shen. Shen represents his deepest need to reconnect to his past, and seek what is necessary to overcome that past and seek peace with that, and acceptance over such grief, that a genocide occurred just because of prophecy(wait a minute... isn't this ATLA?) but then, he also chooses to help Shen and in the end Shen does not accept his help meaning and confirming that he wishes not to change and forever will be in the past and living in the past but Po stays hopeful and vigilant for the future and everything would be better.
And now with a third movie coming up, and by the looks of the trailer, it's finally going to be about him and his family, and by the looks of it, the main antagonist will be someone who is obsessed with destroying the family and Po, trying everything he can to keep his family self sufficient in defending themselves and fighting the bad guy that is threatening their lives, but one thing I do hope, and I see that it's most likely to be a little prone is that Kung Fu Panda, can fall into a bit of a formula, and this can be a bit of a problem.

But hey, if that's my only complain then, who am I to disregard such a wonderful franchise? And if it ain't broke don't fix it I guess.


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