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Rob Harris

Famed hacking group Fail0verflow has achieved the seemingly impossible, dragging Pokemon into the next generation of gaming.

Not only have they sent Pikachu and co. to the PS4, this crafty bunch of programmers has also managed to get a custom version of Linux running on Sony's console. Check out the video below demonstrating Pokemon Emerald running on modern hardware:

Despite being able to crack Sony's security measures, Fail0verflow noted just how impressed they were with the PS4's architecture:

The Marvell engineers who designed the southbridge were smoking some really good stuff.

Though you'd think this might be cause to concern Sony, with their hardware getting cracked by a group of enthusiasts, the hacking group see it another way:

If we can get people interested in running Linux on the PS4 over using the native OS, we can redirect efforts away from reverse engineering the original software infrastructure (which is what the piracy guys need, and they inevitably leech off of those efforts) to Linux (which is completely useless for piracy).

In any case, it's pretty damn cool to see Pokemon running on a non-Nintendo console. Just don't hold your breath for that official release.


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