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Disney are planning on releasing a re-imagining of the 101 dalmatians story in a live action format and it seems they have found who they want to play the infamous Cruella.

The project currently has no directer and is in its early stages, but is a film that Disney seem to already be taking very seriously and therefore are hoping to begin shooting on the film later this year. The current script, which is already being written, focus's on the 'origin' of Cruella.

Emma Stone is being eyed for the role.
Emma Stone is being eyed for the role.

In 101 dalmatians Cruella is the villain of the movie who was obsessed with getting her hands on the 101 dogs to use their hides. Glenn Close played her in the 1996 live-action film produced by John Hughes that the character her the head of a fashion house.

Are you looking forward to learning more about her and maybe even falling in love with a character that I'm sure you grew up hating?


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