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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is going to be an amazing movie. It will feature the story arc of two friends (Cap and Tony) going up against each other with a variety of different Avengers siding with each hero. We recently got an amazing trailer for the movie, which you can check out below.

Amazing right? Now lets move on to my theory.

The trailer was packed with action, but there is one thing it left out. However before we get to that, here is a picture of Captain America's team from the trailer.

Pretty awesome right?

Now we did get a lot of cool action scenes from Iron Man, such as...

This moment before the final battle...

Or this moment with War Machine, as they fly into battle...

But the trailer fails to give us a full look at Iron Man's team, all assembled. Now why would that be? Well, some people could argue that it is Captain America's movie, and they can only fit so much into one trailer. But what if, they couldn't include any shots of the whole team, like they did with Captain America, because a certain web-slinger is present in the shot?

So my theory is that Spider-man is fighting on Stark's side, which is why Marvel did not include a shot of Iron Man's team assembled and ready to do battle.

They are trying to keep Spider-man as secret as possible, and the Russo brother's probably made the decision to not include him in the trailer, which is why they could not include a picture of Stark's team.


Are you ready for Spider-man in Civil War?


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