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Now, with all the excitement surrounding the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it's not too surprising that we have - as a broad pan-cultural collective - been more focused on re-watching the adventures of our favorite Star Warriors than on the coming year's ridiculously exciting crop of gloriously geeky comic book offerings. With that tricky third (seventh?) trip to see Episode VII now done and dusted, though, it's probably well past time to become completely preoccupied with the on-screen comic book adventures that'll be heading our way in 2016.

And, helpfully...

A Brand New 'Daredevil' Trailer Just Arrived

And, while it may be a little light on actual new footage, it sure is filled with...

Exposition-Rich Religious Imagery

Which is both visually resonant and a pretty solid way of catching up on last season.

And, of course...

Even More Religious Imagery

All of which culminates in...

A Giant, Presumably Symbolic Explosion

All of which is very nice and all, but...


That's Totally The Punisher Logo!

OK, now I'm officially over-stimulated.

Do you think if we all asked Marvel and Netflix really nicely, they'd move the release date forward from March to, say, tomorrow?

I mean, I know patience is supposed to be a virtue and everything, but, y'know, c'mon...

What do you think?


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