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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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American Horror Story fans have been getting major bang for their buck from the season crossovers in AHS: Hotel. First, we went back to the Murder House - many times, in fact.

1. Gaga's failed abortion from Dr Montgomery was a big crossover.

2. The Harmons's estate agent, Marcy, showed Will Drake to the Cortez.

3. We're also going to see Billie Dean Howard return in the finale.

Still, nothing prepared viewers for the massive Coven crossover that came in American Horror Story: Hotel, episode 11, 'Battle Royale'. Turns out, the battle in question was not between Ramona Royale and The Countess, but rather a fight between Ramona Royale and Coven's Queenie!

They brought back a witch; a witch with some of the most bitchin' lines ever...

If you're reading this, you've probably already watched it, but let's break down Queenie's appearance on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Queenie rocks up to the Cortez front desk

She's in town to appear on a game show. Unfortunately for her, Ramona Royale is ailing and in bad need of some blood and magical blood is even more appealing for its healing properties. As Royale says,

"Witch's blood will make me strong"

Battle Royale begins!

Queenie, being a human voodoo doll, is able to give Ramona the slapping of her life, dropping another killer line:

"I ain't nobody's protein shake, bitch!"

All seems over for our bloodsucking movie star when Mr. March shows up and kills Queenie. As a ghost, he has no body for Queenie to use her voodoo juju on.

Ramona dives in and feasts on Witch's blood

Ramona Royale, newly restored with blood full of 'grizzly bears,' goes forth to face The Countess as Queenie shuffles off this mortal coil. RIP, Queenie.

Let's relive one of Queenie's finest moments from AHS: Coven.

Of course, as Queenie died in the Cortez, chances are we'll see her again....

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