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For this claim, I have a lot of evidence that Felicity is not dead.

First off, they did the same exact thing last season. If you remember when Oliver was stabbed and then kicked off a cliff by Ra's al Ghul. And it was towards the end of season three, so we did not know if he was alive or not. But being a nerd, reading the comics, we know that will not be the end for Oliver career. And we know that all the flash backs he had were not complete, so we know he was not dead. But in this situation, Felicity is a main character who plays a big role, but not big enough. This is bull crap though because in a poll, people say that their favorite character was Felicity, and they wouldn't even dare kill her off.

Secondly, the timing is still off. In season 4 episode 1, in the flash forward it Barry says that the reason that he could not make it to the funeral was because he was having problems with Zoom. But in the latest episode, Running to stand still, Zoom did not even make an appearance until the very end. There will be another episode on New Years, Season 4 Episode 10, and this could be a problem, but from the trailer ( http:// it shows Barry only telling Patty that he is The Flash. There does not really show to be a main Super Villain. It shows to be have more drama than violence in this episode. Unless one and a half months our time is six months for TV time.

Thirdly, the gif below, you can see that Oliver checks for a pulse of some sort, and her head lifts up. She clearly can't move her head if she is dead. And also, if it was some sort of weird reflex, then why does her head stay up. She could just be signaling to Oliver that she is alive and they need Darhk to think that. The look on Oliver's face just signifies that something has happened, maybe it is relief.

Possible things to happen to Felicity:

1.) Damien Darhk has made it clear that he will go after the people that Oliver loves most, but seeming to kill Felicity — especially if Oliver plays up the devastation, like he was at that grave — could buy Team Arrow some more time to take down HIVE. Will Oliver and co. fake Felicity’s death to a) keep her out of danger and b) let Darhk think he has won? It wouldn’t be the worst plan ever…

2.) A slight, though infinitely more devastating variation of this plan involved Darhk faking Felicity’s death to keep Oliver distracted with his grief. This would actually be a smart play for Darhk. If the Fake Death plan doesn’t work, he could always use the Hostage Felicity plan as a backup. In the mean time, Felicity’s tech prowess is a killer skill to have on one’s said, if Darhk could force Felicity into helping HIVE.

3.) Yeah, this is the stuff of soap opera, but when has “Arrow” ever shied away from the gloriously dramatic tropes of the soap opera genre? (Have you met Oliver’s secret son? How about Shado’s twin?)Though TV has thankfully started to subvert the “Moonlighting” misconception that, as soon as TV couples get together, the show will suck, there is still something to be said for a little (organic, well-written) angst in a show such as “Arrow.” Could the show pull the amnesia card with our favorite hacker? I do not think so.

If Darhk really did kill her, then that is bye bye Felicity because she was shot, and remember that Nyssa Raatko, aka Nyssa al Ghul, destroyed the Lazarus pit because Laurel and Thea brought Sara back to life, and she raged and destroyed the pit. So if the doctors can not tend to her bullet wound and she is dead, then she will not be coming back.

Felicity's father was recently casted into the show so why would they have her be dead before he even makes an appearance? It doesn't make any sense. This goes to show that if he is coming, then this at least will drag out Felicity's death, and make it more painful for us viewers. But they couldn't possibly be so cruel right?

Laurels dad said "I don't not know what he would do without you. Oh wait I do... and it would be ugly." I personally think that this is foreshadowing something to do with Laurel and mabey she is the one in the grave if any of my other predictions are not true.

I remember when Tommy died and people were so sad. He was not even too much of a main character. It this really is Felicities grave, then social media will go crazy. Just like in The Walking Dead when people thought that Glenn died.

And so, Felicity is not dead. She can't be dead. I'm stubborn so I don't believe it.


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