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Squirrel Girl is a very light-hearted and innocent character but that doesn't define how powerful she is . She has no special talent . She is only passionately curious . Squirrel girl's true power is subconscious wishful reality manipulation She have made , positive thinking as an habit because each and every negative or positive thoughts in her mind is led often subconsciously and actioned , that's why she wins . Moreover , she is a non violent character who tends to take her fights "Non violent" ( meaning : she tries to talk and convince at first . But if the bad guys don't listen and tries attacking her , then she fights and probably she wins .) She even believes that negative aspects are short lived . She knows Love , Affection and Goodness can transform even a criminal into an honest person . The goodness dwells in all human beings and no one is born a sinner or a criminal . Only the society and circumstances turns one into a criminal And that's why she gained the friendship with Galactus not by fights . At first , She tried being a sidekick but it didn't work, so she helps the policy in the park. She would have been a young avenger but decided to be a babysitter because that is a job more needed especially towards superheroes. She is a goofy hero but she is willing to be a side character because she never wanted the glory she just wanted to help. She is over her problems which is rare in Marvel. She never gave up in what she does or did . Y'know ? It's hard to beat a person who never gives up and does his/her work sincerely. That's why . She is called The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl ( and even gained her own comic which is titled as "unbeatable squirrel girl" ) . Now she is no more a nanny when she got her comic and she is currently an avenger of aims ( avenger idea mechanism ) but a Second-Year Computer Science Student who lives with her roommate 'Nancy' . Also , it is conformed that squirrel girl is no more a mutant . Personally , I love squirrel girl and she cannot be called a disliked hero according to me .

Thank you for understand .


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