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It's all been a bit of a mess regarding the Hideo Kojima / Konami scuffle over the past few months; the convoluted contracts, cloak and dagger whispers and Konami hitting a little below the belt by barring Kojima from collecting awards won for what was recently crowned 2015's Game of the Year and his final hurrah at Konami: [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985).

The awards ceremony drama all comes on the tail end of a very lengthy and very confusing dialogue concerning Kojima's employment contract with Konami. Back in 2013 Kojima announced that Metal Gear Solid 5 would be his last work in the iconically enduring Metal Gear series.

Kojima with his critically acclaimed MGSV
Kojima with his critically acclaimed MGSV

Then in March of 2015 whispers started up that he would part ways with Konami once work on MGSV was complete and his contract with the company concluded (or once they let him out the basement).

Konami pretended he was on holiday for a while, but now we know that the ties are officially severed, and it's fair to say there's some bad blood between the two. As Kojima says, "Fuck Konami".

Okay, so Kojima didn't actually say "Fuck Konami"; the clip is from Playstation's announcement video when they first broke the news that they would be partnering up with "one of the most celebrated game developers in history", Hideo Kojima, and his new independent studio.

But just cause he didn't say it doesn't mean he wasn't thinking it, as an Easter Egg found in the Deja Vu missions in the short MGSV prequel Ground Zeros looks suspiciously like as a "middle finger to Konami".

The Metal Gear Easter Egg

So back before the whole mess got brought to the public eye, with Konami removing Kojima's name from the Metal Gear marketing materials and killing off the highly anticipated Silent Hills, a weirdly accurate Easter Egg was being written into Ground Zeros.

YouTuber timesplitter88 published a video last year entitled: MGS V: Did Kojima try to warn us? The video charts his play through of one of the Deja Vu missions, in which the player is instructed to remove the "markings" of Metal Gear games found around the map, specifically ones directed by Hideo Kojima.

The ones not directed by Kojima - such as Metal Gear Solid Touch and the forgettable Metal Gear Ac!d 2 - which Kazuhira's voiceover describes as "nothing special" - can't be erased. They remain, though not without Kaz being snarky about it.

Once all the offending markings have been erased you receive a slightly sad and - before the discord between Kojima and Konami and been clarified - slightly odd message:

"You did it. You erased all the markings. But every one of them will always be with you. You seem to be a fan of Hideo Kojima games... Thank you for all your support!"

It's pretty eerie watching this after the fact, knowing know as we do that Konami secretly went and removed Kojima's name from all of the Metal Gear games online prior to the split becoming public knowledge.

There's also a massive Kojima Productions logo found on the side of one of the buildings, something which we wont see in any further games in the Metal Gear series.

But that's not all. As timesplitter88 points out in the video there's a line that Kaz speaks to you over the radio which suggests that Kojima knew the way things were headed a long time before anyone else did,

"You might be able to erase the markings, but the memories will never disappear..."

That's deep. Now if you'll excuse me I think I need to go play some Hideo Kojima games...


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