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In the wake of a controversial video in which director Uwe Boll gave the finger to the world, he has announced that Rampage 3: No Mercy will be the last film as director. Boll is known for his explosive (some would say less than great) films like Postal, Assault on Wall Street and most recently, the first two installments of the Rampage trilogy. He is also known for his short temper and even going as far to challenge those that talk poorly of his work to boxing matches.

Rampage 3 is currently filming in the British Columbia and Washington D.C. areas. Brendan Fletcher will be reprising his role of domestic terrorist, Bill Williamson.

Boll is stepping back from the director spotlight for a while to focus on a number of other ventures. He is going to be focusing on co-production and global distribution with his company Event Film. He has also recently opened a restaurant called Bauhaus Restaurant in the trendy Gastown district of Vancouver. His restaurant has been open for less than a year and it has already gained worldwide recognition of bringing traditional German cuisine and a fresh, new dining experience to Canada's west coast.

He has not decided to step down from directing indefinitely; there is a chance that he will return, so Boll fans, don't fret, he may be back. He has not yet disclosed the length of time that he will be taking his directorial hiatus.


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