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Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that looks and sounds awesome, has amazing maps and a very cool arcade way of shooting things. Unfortunately it feels like an incomplete game with little content and some really silly unlockables. Fans of the universe will be happy but everyone else should wait for a "full" package with a lower price tag.

People already saying the game is repetitive without having played for at least 1/2 hours, or even having the game.

To those interested in an actually useful review:

This game is meant for the Star Wars fans. All the maps portray perfectly the landscapes, sounds, etc of the Star Wars universe. You just feel like you are there. While the gameplay is indeed shoot and gun (as all the FPS are), you have a sh*t ton of ways to play it. I had played the Beta for 20 hours. I admit I got bored in the end, but thats what happens when you play the same map and same mode for 20h straight.. The full release though has yet to bore me. I have played for about 7 hours straight since midnight and I always had tremendous fun with it. There are some various glitches which I witnessed but they were not enough to stop the fun I was having, sometimes it only boosted it a little! So if you want to have a good time, buy the game!

When it comes to generating pure Star Wars atmosphere this is a dream come true. But even that can’t hide the fact that in the end the content is fun but at this stage very limited.

Star Wars Battlefront , with Battlefield-class gameplay could have ruled the multiplayer galaxy. Unfortunately, at best OK-level, Battlefront-class gameplay is much too shallow to last long. And this is THE one license, which really needs a single player campaign.

Rating: T

Developer: EA DICE

Genre(s): Action


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