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Now, there has been plenty of terrible movies that have been made. And we all have a movie that we do not like. But I'm here to tell you guys what the worst movie ever in my opinion is. Now there will be spoiler defiantly so if you have not seen Jessabelle and you are planning on it, then you may want to click away. Like I said, we all have a movie that we hate, whether it be for whatever reason (bad ending, favorite character dies, bad polt, or bad movie overall) but this movie that I am sharing with you today has got all of it.

Okay I am sorry, does this really scare anyone? For a good scary movie to be scary, there needs to be three things:

-A plot that you can follow and characters that you want to live -Popups -Antagonist

The story for the movie was crap and the character was hurt too early in the movie. Insidious Chapter 3 at least waited like 15 minutes until Quinn got hit by that car. I guess the movie makers were just too eager to get her hurt. They rushed into the movie and that made it crap.

There were few popups and whenever you thought there might be, it would be something dumb like a phone ring. I know that many people make horror movies and they have bad popups, but there is a limit. And this movie gave that limit a middle finger and committed absolutely the worst movie of all time. I am not trying to be disrespectful to Kevin Greutert, but honestly, you made a bad movie bro.

For every movie, not just horror movies, there is an Antagonist. Well not every movie, but all good movies that were designed right. For this movie, there was a antagonist for almost the whole time, but we don't know who or why. We find out this at like the end of the film. And when the girl takes away the wheelchair earlier in the movie, is just honestly hilarious. It really would be a jerk move, but this just made me laugh.


Jessabelle and Insidious have so many differences, but it also has some similarities. In the first Insidious, there was a plot. You knew who the antagonist is. You knew everything you should. Now this was a well made movie, and Jessebelle would have to do so much better to top it off. Insidious Chapter 2 was close in comparison. And in Insidious Chapter 3, there were more similarities. The girl got hit with a car, then was paralyzed. Then they got haunted, kinda.

I haven't even mentioned the worst part of the movie. If you saw the movie, then you remember this part. The part that at first reminded you of Mama. When she is sitting there at the port. And she falls? Well to the real world she is pushing herself, but in her mind, that weird chick is pushing her. Preston sees her doing this and when she goes down and starts to drown, he helps her. But she did drown, the person that came up was... (grab you popcorn this is where it gets 'original') the girl that no one likes. Really? Just really? Absolutely no one liked any part of this movie, did they just want to end it to make sure no one would like it? It would be different if we knew more of this character, of Jesse, but we don't. She got hit by a truck and her physio mom is dead.

So as you can see, this movie absolutely sucks.


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