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"We Are Your Friends," a clever music film, which is inviting you to dance.

"We Are Your Friends" may be true simply knitted, manages to captivate but from the outset. The four guys remember a bit of Jim Carroll and his friends, have fun, take booze and drugs and want something more from life than it has given them at the moment. Unfortunately there is only one of them who really believes in that chance, to earn money with that thing that makes him happy: Cole. Cole is a DJ who is playing by Zac Efron ("Driving Dick Kelly") who acts as if he had never done anything else, as hang up as a DJ in a trendy club. Even the other cast playing well and Emily Ratajkowski ("Gone Girl") is from the beginning a likeable person, so cynical and honest, but also funny and charming.

However, the main actor is the music which let the audience initially bang with the head an if it runs at full speed and ensures that man immediately wants to dance. Even die camera settings by Brett Pawlak are great, so he chose many incursions light and close-ups, underpin and put the events into perspective the music.

"We Are Your Friends" is a noise for music addicts and reminds every now and then a bit too one "The Wolf of Wall Street"; Higher, faster, louder with the goal to success. In the middle of receipt of this small work of art, but still a little damper. Mabye because the protagonist self also stumble and thus can be re-considered as artistic "Pause". Incomprehensible to me why the movie arrieves so negatively because he has given me throughout fun. "We Are Your Friends" is not just fame party and music. It also suggests a critical and a few serious points. Highlight is the final track and I think I've still got a candidate for The Filmtipp - Award in the category " Best Sound " . Moviepilot strikes me 4.0 out of 10 points before, sorry I double !

" We Are Your Friends " makes , cool music and frenzy of fun!



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