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If you are reading this and you haven't seen PART ONE in my special Star Wars Lightsaber themed series you might want to go now! If not then hold onto your belt as we delve deeper into the world of lightsabers. By the way, Spoilers.

"Long ago in forgotten times, when the Sith and Jedi fought for control of the galaxy, weapons there were, of unimaginable power. Always at their heart, a kyber crystal was." - Yoda

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

Kylo Ren has a very unique lightsaber using a very unique design. The Lightsaber itself was based on a very ancient design that dated back thousands of years; we suspect this is why we haven't seen another Lightsaber with the same design however the Lightsaber in question has a single cracked Kyber crystal which generates so much power that the saber would normally be totally unable to contain such power.

Kylo used this weapon for some time, since he became a knight of Ren and then the First Order. The weapon was used to murder his own father, Han Solo and was then later destroyed in a fight with Ray. It is currently unknown how bad the damage to the saber was so we will have to wait until the next movie comes out too find out!

Date created: Prior to the Assault on Tuanul

Date destroyed: During the Battle of Starkiller Base

Blade type: One main blade, with two vents that act as a cross-guard

The Emperor's Lightsaber

Palpatine wielding the lightsaber during his training under Darth Plagueis.
Palpatine wielding the lightsaber during his training under Darth Plagueis.

Move over Voldi, the real master of the Dark Arts is next on our list!

Darth Sidious designed his own weapon with a unique and high level of craftsmanship which was clearly influenced by the lords own personal love of antiquity. The main body of the lightsaber was fashioned from nearly indestructible alloy, phrik, whilst the emitter was composed of aurodium. The weapon utilized a synth-crystal as the focusing crystal.

Sidious had also prepared a backup Lightsaber which he had initially decided was to be an exact replica of the first. However it was later changed to have an unknown black alloy instead. Sidious held enough power without the need of a Lightsaber but every Sith apprentice still learned to use one. He soon outgrew the need for a Lightsaber during his training and only carried one in order to mock the Jedi and therefore barely wielded it in combat.

Darth Maul's Lighsaber

Darth Maul wielding his unique saber
Darth Maul wielding his unique saber

Darth Maul created his double-bladed and very unique lightsaber when he needed it during a mission to assassinate a reclusive Jedi Master, Siolo'urmanka. Maul found that he was unable to really compete with the Master and their initial bout left with Maul being hit across the face and being disarmed. Knowing then that he could not win with utter brute force he created the unique lightsaber in order to surprise and defeat his opponent.

Maul's lightsaber was composed of two weapons with connected pommels and they both possessed an identical design. Maul even took considerable pride in the fashioning of his weapon and created four synthetic crystals. He then went into a deep form of Force meditation while the crystals were being formed, in order to control and monitor their formation.

Despite the severity of his injury, when he is sliced in half by Obi-Wan during the Phantom Menace, the functioning half of the lightsaber remained with Darth Maul during his escape to Lotho Minor via a garbage-disposal ship on Naboo and went on to serve him well all the way up to his showdown with his former master. After that we're not quite sure what happened to it, but we think it might have been kept by Sidious himself.

Join me again soon when I will be delving deeper into the world of lightsabers and telling you exactly what happened to Luke's lightsaber and how it ended up with Rey in 'The Force Awakens'!


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