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To start the the year with something that will get you motivated is usually a resolution you make on on it’s eve.

This year I didn’t have to wait that long as I was introduced to a series on Netflix called Making A Murderer with less than 24 hours remaining of 2015. My motivation was soon to be turbo charged for 2016.

Take a look at the trailer for the Netflix show:

Here are my thoughts...

While I sit in a room and become engrossed, in not just a story but a tragedy, the languishing hero sits with steel and concrete as a dim, daily reminder of existence.

This story is a head-turning and head-scratching affair of a case of ‘we don’t need to investigate 'cause we got the guilty man.’ This has to be what the judicial system looks like in a real life version of The Dukes of Hazzard.

There has already been speculation on the net about actors for a movie version and Zach Galifianakis has been widely suggested as a possible candidate for the part of Steven Avery. I find that to be very intriguing.

Let me introduce you to the players in this bizarre tale of conspiracy and spite. The focus of the Manitowoc County Wisconsin Sheriff's Department was the family ‘from the wrong side of the tracks’ and in particular Steven Avery — then later his self-admitted slow nephew, Brendan Dassey. Both are easy scapegoats and targets when you have lying little trolls wearing badges and hiding behind ‘the law’ (and in this county that is a term used VERY loosely) involved.

The Defense

Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery - our tragic heroes
Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery - our tragic heroes

Originally convicted of rape (without ANY type of investigation), Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison until he was released after DNA cleared him (please note how I accentuated 'cleared'). Also pertinent to our story is that there was evidence that surfaced years before the DNA results to dispute the conviction, which was later proven. Cover up or just a simple mistake by the police? You will be the judge.

After being cleared and seeking financial compensation for the travesty that he faced by losing half his life, Steven would be the victim of what appears to be revenge for the slap in the face they received. Revenge that would now swallow up a 16-year-old Brendan Dassey and ruin his life. This revenge would come by way of the disappearance and assumed death of Teresa Halbach.

Dean Strang & Jerry Buting - Lawyers for Steven
Dean Strang & Jerry Buting - Lawyers for Steven

Steven Avery has had the advantage of what appear to be some incredibly adept lawyers during this saga. But no matter how good your lawyers are, treading in shark infested waters is usually a losing battle, as this appeared to have been.

True Criminals

Len Kachinsky - Brendan's 1st Lawyer
Len Kachinsky - Brendan's 1st Lawyer

I listed Len Kachinsky as one of the TRUE criminals in this case even though he was Brendan Dassey’s first lawyer. The reason why, as you will see, is that this POS never believed in his client. He talked plea deal before ever talking to Brendan, THEN — with what should have been enough to have him disbarred — he used his own investigator to intimidate and coerce a false confession from an easily manipulated teen and then provided it to the prosecution. WTF?!?!

Manitowoc Judicial System - 1st Rate Joke
Manitowoc Judicial System - 1st Rate Joke

The immeasurable disgust and contempt I have for the entire DA and Sheriff's Department of Manitowoc after seeing this leads me to feel that it is nothing more than a den of corruption and ineptitude. Planting evidence and making up whatever is needed to lock up an undesirable person instead of actually looking for a killer or rapist appears to be the only skills these departments have.

Now as I traveled the endless road of disbelief that this 10 episode series took me on, I kept asking myself was: How many others?’. When you have a DA and witnesses caught in lie after lie, and yet a jury of supposedly impartial citizens convicts these men, it should make EVERYONE wonder, ‘How many others?’

If this series has opened my eyes to anything it would be the following: If you are offered Len Kachinsky as a lawyer, RUN!!!! Next, I learned what true strength of spirit is, as shown in the example of Steven Avery. He NEVER gave in to pressure to say he did it just to get out of prison and has always maintained his innocence. The saddest fact is that 12 jurors can sit there and watch the evidence unfold but still come to the wrong decision.

Was it fear of retaliation by the police force or DA’s office? Was it a hatred of a family that didn’t conform to local community standards, thus branding them as outcasts and criminals? What could possibly lead these 12 men and women to convict? These were the questions that plagued me to the end and left me in disbelief.

I do note that the decision could have been influenced by the judge, who I would not wish on my worst enemy, judge Patrick Willis. I swore not to give much away so that you will be enticed to watch the series, so I'll stop here.

I would ask you to pay particular attention to this POS as he sentences Steven Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach. He basically rebranded him as a rapist and dismissed the fact that Steven was cleared of that and spent 18 years falsely imprisoned.

Recently there has been a wave of support to have justice served and Steven and Brendan given the opportunity for trials outside the influence of the broken Wisconsin judicial system.

The forgotten victim in this sad story is Teresa Halbach, the victim for whose murder Steven and Brendan are convicted and serving time. She has not, and appears will ever receive, justice.

Teresa Halbach - Victim
Teresa Halbach - Victim

I will gladly leave you with just this taste of the true genius that went into making this series, and I urge you to watch it — though the prosecution and judicial system of Manitowoc County Wisconsin and the state of Wisconsin may want to say 'this is not a documentary' and that 'things were left out.'

I found the timelines and statements made under oath by the officers (with questionably character) to be condemning enough beyond what could be edited on the cutting floor.

Netflix may have stumbled on a landmine that could blow up the broken judicial system that we have in the United States. There is no equality in America any longer, and if you want the proof it is sitting there laughing away in those two cells in Wisconsin.

If you don’t have access to Netflix you can catch the first episode on YouTube.

Major Rajor (a.k.a. Robert Lawrence)
Major Rajor (a.k.a. Robert Lawrence)

*A special thanks to my wife for introducing this series to me.*

Everything expressed above is in my humble opinion and based on the evidence presented. For any POS's or douchebags that found offense with my reference to certain individuals above and associating them with your group I apologize.


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