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The Daredevil release date debate has finally been ended! The Man Without Fear officially returns us to his rain-soaked, nightly Hell's Kitchen escapades Friday, March 18, 2016. That's one week before Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many were speculating based off of rumors from the past several days that the streaming service superhero series would grace our small screens the day of the DCEU blowout at the theaters. It seems now, the choice of what to do on that particular evening has become a bit less anxiety-inducing.

Here's the trailer in case you missed it:

With the above teaser, an official, hi-def, image (or should I say fresco) was released, featuring Daredevil characters past and soon-to-be present.

Punisher is coming!
Punisher is coming!

This image alone, garners plenty of speculation, thankfully no longer on this series' return date. What we have here, is a very interesting combination of images. At the top of this pyramid, we have of course, Matt Murdock as Daredevil himself, battle-damaged with a new suit, looking curiously a bit like Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool costume of the respective upcoming, R-rated superhero movie.

Do you even Daredevil?
Do you even Daredevil?

This image to me, seems very religious in its influence, style and layout. This is not surprising given Matt Murdock's Catholic beliefs. We have what appears to appropriately be smoke taking on the resemblance of clouds seen traditionally supporting religious icons in imagery related to Christianity. My guess is that this smoke is from the amount of fighting that will take place in season 2 as Murdock goes toe-to-toe with anyone trying to throw down in his neighborhood.

It appears to be, if we take this image by it's religious influences, that Daredevil is metaphorically God in Hell's Kitchen in a devil's clothing. So in a way, he's a sheep in wolf's clothing, or innocence hiding under evil. So, taking this image from the whole "Daredevil is God of Hell's Kitchen" standpoint, we can see a number of characters to Daredevil's right (God's right hand) and a number of characters on Daredevil's left (God's not so desired hand). On Matt's right we have Karen, Foggy, Claire, the priest, Matt's father Jack, and Ben, the two latter characters, deceased. We see civilians below them scrambling to the top where they stand, law enforcement and firefighters offering helping hands to onlookers below on the street standing among oh, Elektra's sai blades!

On Matt's left, we see all of the defeated bad guys from season 1, with the amazingly adapted Kingpin at the top of the chaos.

Whether or not Vincent D'Onofrio will reprise his role as the crime lord is yet to be seen. Below all these baddies, we see the other side of the street is not fairing so well as Matt's right sided sanctuary.

In the middle of this poster is where it gets very interesting. We see Matt's mentor, Stick from season 1 as well as Matt's unofficial suit designer, Melvin Potter. Below them, we have a few characters who may be new this season. A man in a suit, his back turned, a gun in his hand. Another man in a suit, standing on what looks to be the precipice of some edge (or building top?) looking down to the depths below (possible pivotal plot point character?) and a very interesting image in the form of a bulked up, scarred man who appears to be lifting something very large and very heavy.

Below those characters we appear to have some filler characters standing in and then at the very bottom we have even more interesting people in play. We have a man in a suit who appears to be levitating or rising, a mysterious boy in chains, a man in a hospital gown, and who appears to be Amy Rutberg returning as Marci, Foggy's ex-girlfriend and established ally of the Daredevil team.

Overlapping these central characters in the poster are the teeth of the Punisher skull! Big speculation here, but are these characters centric in the pivotal Daredevil/Punisher encounter and relationship being that all characters are in the symbolic fangs of Frank Castle? My theory is that this whole poster seems to have been purposefully and meticulously laid out and constructed, so I have issue with saying otherwise. Either way, just a number of weeks to go until we find out!

Let me know your thoughts on the new Daredevil teaser and poster in the comments below!

- Josh Doherty


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