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I Love the Pixar movie Inside Out
Inside Out

#10: Jurassic World

I know that most people would put movies like Carol And Spotlight in this spot, but I had a lot of fun with this movie. I know that it was not anything great but you have to admit it was a fun action movie.

#9 The Good Dinosaur.

I love Pixar like with movies like Wall-e and Inside Out but this one was not great but it was still good. It was sad when it needed to be but overall it was a good movie

#8 Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

This was a fun movie like the last two. It had great action and suspense and was just a great installment in the Mission Impossible series.

#7 Ant-Man

I know that you probably thing that I am not an artsy movie critic and just like big Hollywood movies, but yet again I had a lot of fun at this movie and I thought that it was just a good Marvel movie

#6 The Peanuts Movie

I was never a Peanuts fan but this movie helped me understand how great of a franchise Peanuts really is, basically it is a good movie

#5 Still Alice

Yes there is finally a artsy movie on this list. This movie I saw in theaters and loved, it taught me more about Alzheimer's disease.

#4 The Martian

This movie was so good it made it to my top 10 favorite movies just like the top 3 movies on this list, it also got me to read the book It had good acting and a good story too.

#3 Mad Max Fury Road

This movie was a great movie, It was very artistic. Even the ultra violence was artistic. It is my favorite action movie of all time and the feminist message also added to the movies greatness.

#2 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Everyone loves The Force Awakens Its almost Perfect but there is one better movie than that

#1 Inside Out

This is the best movie of all time, It is absolutely perfect. I have already seen it 30 times (not lying).

So that's my list



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