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Civil War is coming to Marvel. Marvel Studios will begin their next phase this year with the third installment in the Captain America series - [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). This anticipated blockbuster finds Avengers against each other as Captain America takes on fellow teammate,Iron Man, in a matter of ideals.

Along with these two Avengers will be an array of heroes pitted against one another; such as Black Widow, Hawkeye, Vision, Ant-Man and newcomer Black Panther. This duel of heroes has got me pondering about the future of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and it has occurred to me that the events of Civil War could very well change how the Avengers operate; and it may even effect how the Phase 3 films will play out.

In the film Captain America will be joined by Falcon, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch and Agent 13; while Iron Man's team features War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and Black Panther. These groups going against each other will definitely be exciting, but I think that Civil War will bring something new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by creating two Avengers team. This concept nothing new as Marvel Comics has split the Avengers into multiple factions on multiple occasions in the comics. However, in the case of the movies, I think that splitting the Avengers up could be a move that will not effect Phase 3 as well as the very foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Secret Avengers

In the Civil War, Captain America will be leading a group of heroes who are fighting against authority. Looking at the details it seems that this team could become this MCU's version of the Secret Avengers. In the comics, the Secret Avengers were created during the events of Civil War when Captain America led the group of unregistered heroes who opposed the idea of working for the government.

It seems that the film will followed suit with this concept, and I think this group could pave a solid direction for the film series as a whole. This group could keep true to the themes used for the cinematic Avengers, but execute it in a different way. While the team's relevance depends on the direction of the film, I think that the keeping the Secret Avengers active for Phase 3 could prove useful in the long run.

Mighty Avengers

Then there is the other side of the coin. Iron Man leads his own group to work alongside the government and bring Captain America's team to heel. Looking at these details, it seems rather clear that Tony will be forming the film's version of the Mighty Avengers. The Mighty Avengers was the group formed during and after the events of Civil War which was made up of heroes who were willing to coincide with the government. So what can be done with this group after the events of the film? Well if the Avengers remain split after Civil War, then it seems logical that this team will be the Avengers for the public. The Mighty Avengers will be the group that will recognize by the likes of the media as Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Now this is not to say that this team will be antagonists from here on out, but rather the Mighty Avengers will be the bridge between the heroes and those they represent. This direction could work for the MCU by creating new concepts for the Avengers that could lead to a variety of directions for future films; but like the Secret Avengers, this idea depends on what happens in the upcoming summer blockbuster.

So if Civil War does leave us with two Avengers team,what else can be done with these teams and the rest of Phase 3? Aside from movies such as Black Panther, Ant-Man &The Wasp and possibly Thor: Ragnarok it is hard to say how these groups could effect Phase 3's films as the line up features a variety of new heroes. The only possibility that this direction could effect the new characters is by having heroes such as Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel finding their way to either Avengers team. However where these two groups could really effect Phase 3 is none other then the next Avengers film- Avengers: Infinity War. With the film being split into two parts, the movie(s) could use both the two Avengers group in a variety of ways. The first film could be split into two narratives or perhaps both parts will feature different set of Avengers. There are a number of ways to handle the Avengers when it comes to Infinity War. So if there is one film that could benefit from having separate factions, it would be the next Avengers film.

Whether these two teams will survive the events of Civil War is right now a mystery. Personally I like the idea of breaking the Avengers into two groups as it could lead to new ideas for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However it is also possible that Captain America and Iron Man let bygones be bygones at the end of Civil War, and the gang gets back together by the end of the 2016 film. Whatever the case may be, I am confident that the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is changing; and it will start with the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.


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