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Abhishek Dey

Well, being a batman fan(bale version) I am eagerly waiting for the rebooting of the batman character more than any other characters in the film, and hope , Mr. Ben Affleck has done a great job and we will enjoy his version of Batman.

Now talking about the 'supervillain' Lex, the character has a great potential to be the greatest supervillain of all time. Its a visionary character and ofcourse Jesse Eisenberg is one of the most talented actors of our generation, can carry the vision of the character through him. Still we have not seen much of him in the trailers, but expecting alot from Jesse and 'Lex'. I think BvS is the kind of movie where a villain will set the future way of justice league's stand.

Well, can't say it properly till watching the movie but , one thing for sure,

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex in BvS may or may not change the way we view supervillains, but for sure will change the way we view LEX LUTHOR...

All this speculations will come to an end on March 25th 2016...


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