ByNathan Bruns, writer at

The movie was horrible and I'm horrified at how many people loved it. The story had no creativity, horrible transitions, lacking background, and filled with unimportant details. The characters were introduced so quickly they were basically just made to fill their role and had no progression whatsoever. There was also way too many conveniences. One or two in a movie is acceptable. This movie had them in just about every new scene.

The villain was disappointing. (Minor spoilers) Kylo Ren was a little boy having a homicidal temper tantrum because his parents sent him to boarding school. He at first proved to be quite powerful but then gets whooped by an inexperienced stormtrooper and metal scavenger. Even though he had training from both Luke and Snoke. It was also ridiculous that Rey mastered abilities in the force within 4 minutes. They dedicated all of Empire Strikes Back to Luke's force training. Rey's just like "oh yeah the force! Let's use that shit!"

The movie in general was a dissapointment it left so many questions and plotholes that it didn't have the integrity to be called a movie by itself. I'm tired of people saying "there gonna explain it in the next movies duh!" I have a feeling they won't manage to explain as much as they hoped.

I did not go into criticize this movie. I love movies. I wanted to enjoy this because even if it didn't live up to the old star wars I was expecting something enjoyable. I couldn't though because there were too many problems for me to ignore.


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