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If you love being scared then there is always a film you love to watch because it scares you no matter how many times you've watched it. For me, this has been James Wan's The Conjuring ever since it came out. After following the film up with a prequel named Annabelle, they've returned to the present for a sequel in The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist. Now expectations are pretty high for this sequel, and as such an epic trailer was required. So here it is.

I am terrified. Anyway, let's look at what we can tell about the sequel from this trailer, and then review the real life case of Ed and Lorraine Warren that this film is based on!

So we're in London, and that tells you it has to be a big case for the Warrens to come all the way from USA. We're six years since the last film, so we can assume the Warren's daughter is now around twelve or so, but we may not see a lot of her in this one.

The house always looks creepy. Do people not realize that you just should not buy creepy houses? Also, over these shots of the house we hear the little girl telling Lorraine that she feels as if the spirit is behind her. This means it is not a possession, not yet anyway, but it is a very dangerous spirit.

And it, much like most spirits, really hates Ed and Lorraine Warren. This girl is the daughter struggling with the spirit, which means the other girl is probably just going to be terrified of the things happening to her sister.

We don't see a lot of Lorraine in this trailer, but we see even less of Ed, who is only just caught on camera in one or two short snaps such as this one above. It is possible that Lorraine will be the one taking on the Poltergeist more, with Ed trying to ensure that she does not push herself too far.

This is a blink and you miss it shot, but is surely near the end of the film. This appears to be the daughter having trouble with the ghost earlier, now fully possessed. So watch out for that.

But earlier in the film (presumably) she finds herself in an unusual situation. Waking up on the ceiling, a classic. But it gets far scarier when she finds that she cannot move, and then suddenly ends up on the floor.

And, just like the first film, this spirit really hates crosses. Turning them all upside down is just a little scary. What comes next is f*cking terrifying!

It was not easy to catch that moment for a screenshot. What we can gather from this is that, while the spirit may take multiple forms, or there may be multiple spirits, this could be a clue as to the identity of it. An elderly, terrifying looking man. Good, solid clue there.

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