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Love it or leave it, of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has created more questions than it has answered. At the top of this list of questions lies the identities of several key players that have created endless speculation. Who is Rey? Where is she from? Why was she left on Jakku, and by who? Who is Snoke? And before that, it was who is Finn? But now we come to someone I had pretty much overlooked. Though I had been impressed that JJ Abrams and crew had created a bad guy that actually seemed scary, I completely overlooked the fact that Supreme Leader Snoke could be someone we're all familiar with. Well, with the exception of going into the theaters half expecting him to be Jar Jar.

Well, it seems as if one of these mysterious identities may have been solved. Or, it could be a red herring.

If you haven’t already seen them, there are a few pictures circulating on the internet today, and I have to admit that it brings up a lot of questions. In fact, I'm shocked I never noticed this before. I mean, I'm that geeky kid that had memorized the serial number of the trash compactor growing up.

Who does it purport that Snoke is? Well see for yourself in the picture below:

Is Darth Vader Supreme Leader Snoke?

Where there is Snoke there is fire

Before you dismiss this idea, let’s take a look at what we know about Snoke. When we see him, we’ve been led to believe that he is a hologram. Similar to how the Emperor would communicate with his minions or Darth Vader. However, what if he is a ghost, just as Obi Wan was.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Vader was redeemed and we saw his ghost at the end of Jedi, but that could be explained away. This is Hollywood, after all. I’m sure that a more elaborate plot would be developed than what I can conjure in two seconds, but all they would have to say is that Vader actually DID kill Luke’s father, and that when Anakin Skywalker was redeemed in saving his son, Vader was not. They were actually a soul split in two. Snoke being what was left on the dark side.

Let’s get crazier. In a lot of the written stories and comics, there were clones of the Emperor. What if there was a clone of Vader in waiting? A version just in case he perished. One that had been in storage for some time? While this is hokey, I am just making the point that it could be explained away.

And let’s expound upon that. We never see his body completely destroyed, and Kylo Ren has come into possession of Vader’s mask somehow. This means that the person who was in possession of the mask could very well have also retained what was left of Vader, including his DNA. There are even more theories abound elsewhere, such as Snoke being the Emperor himself.

Before you doubt this completely, take a look at this photo. Doesn't the picture on the left look a bit like Hayden Christensen? Hell, for that matter, the picture above looks a bit like him, as well.

Though it could be a purposefully created ruse, why the damage in the exact same spot and the similarities in the mouths? Yes, this could be to throw people off, but if Snoke required damage to look cool, why the exact same damage as Vader? Certainly they could have come up with anything they liked. There’s such a similarity that it’s hard to imagine it not being intentional, especially given J. J. Abrams’ awareness that every little detail of this film would be scrutinized again and again. This is a bit too much of a coincidence.

There is one thing that throws this theory for me. All four limbs are in tact. This would mean that if Snoke is Vader, he would have to be a clone, at best.

What do you think?

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