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I recently finished with [Assassin's Creed Syndicate](tag:3605993) and I felt it was time I discussed something that this amazing franchise is full of: great characters.

I hated Rogue.
I hated Rogue.

Well most of them are great and I'm not just talking about the main characters you play as, there are side characters that prove to be great too. A fair warning is in order, THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! Let's go back to Assassin's Creed Revelations for our first example: Sofia Sartor.


Up until this point, the female characters in the franchise have been...okay. None of them have really been too interesting, that is until Sofia popped up and changed that. Sofia was not only helpful to Ezio's quest in Istanbul but she provided some great banter between her and the assassin; personally I shipped Ezio and Sofia a few times when I was going through the game.


Good ol' Ade, Quartermaster of the Jackdaw. This character was so cool that he became an assassin AND got his own DLC story where you play as him. At first I thought he was just going to be one of those characters that's just THERE, you know what I mean? But very quickly he proved to be otherwise: he was funny, likable, and a major badass. Boy can't wait to see where his story being killed by the worst character in the franchise in Assassin's Creed Rogue....Nice.


While I enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed, I gotta be honest and say that I thought Altair was about as interesting a plank of wood however that all changed in Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations when we got the Italian womanizing badass that is Ezio. This was definitely when the series found its stride with likable heroes and side characters to keep us invested...until we were pulled out to suffer through Desmond Miles and all his astounding blandness. I loved him in his first two entries but my personal favorite version of him came in Revelations when he was an older gentleman. Just like he did with the Assassin Brotherhood, Ezio Auditore brought new life and energy to the franchise but it wouldn't die with him.


I very much enjoyed Assassin's Creed Syndicate but I felt the story was a bit lacking this time around but what it excelled at was a great cast of characters including the two main characters that you play as: the twins Jacob and Evie Frye. It was very interesting to see the focus be on two assassins this time around and other than Evie sometimes being a little annoying with her constant, "Father would have done this. Father would have blah blah blah." I found both of these characters quite refreshing because of how fun and likable they were whereas Arno from Unity was only interesting at the beginning. The banter between these two was always fun to listen to, their relationship was more interesting than the main story, and overall just two great characters who I hope return in the future or at least one of them.


We're not leaving villains off this list and what a fascinating villain we have here. Haytham is actually the character you start off playing in Assassin's Creed and it came as quite the shock when he was revealed to be a Templar because Haytham was actually pretty cool. Then he knocked up Ziio before his Order had the redcoats burn down his son's village years later thus killing Ziio....yeah any chance of this man being redeemed was gone, I wanted Connor to send a hidden blade through his throat. Though later when Haytham and Connor do meet, there is still an interesting side to him because of how much he wants to show his son he is doing the right thing and possibly unite with him. In my opinion, he is by far the best villain the franchise has had.


Coming back to Syndicate, we have probably the second best villain in the franchise: Crawford Starrick. He's not as likeable and fascinating at Haytham but he's a good villain because of how much you just want to hate him for all the despicable things he's done. There are scenes where he is monologuing or threatening somebody and he comes off as just plain old scary.


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is not only the best game in the franchise but it brought us the best assassin of the franchise: Edward flippin' Kenway. Captain Jack Sparrow can eat his heart out because THIS guy is the coolest pirate I have ever seen in fiction. He's a bit of a jerk but he's a likable jerk trying to take out the Templars...for his own gain but still. Funny, witty, likable, a skillful loser, and just plain awesome. And as icing on the cake, he's voiced and mocap'd by Constantine himself: Matt Ryan.


I always love when the games bring in historical figures in interesting ways, Aleck is definitely one of those cases: he's quirky, eccentric, fast talking, smart, and has lots of he a Time Lord? Seriously the man was so much fun to watch whenever he appeared on screen and the way the brought his inventions into the game was very clever. If this is how Graham Bell was in real life, I'd like to meet him with a time machine one day.


I'll be honest, I didn't understand why everyone hated this character so much. Yeah he's not the funny and sassy guy like Ezio was but can you really blame him? His father ditched him and his mother then his order burnt down his village thus killing his mother THEN he learns that his father was a Templar. Can you really blame that man for being stoic? I still found him quite likable and enjoyable throughout the story. I say if you try not to compare him to Ezio so much then you'll enjoy him so much more...he's still more interesting than Desmond that's for sure.

Now I can list off so many interesting characters: Blackbeard, Henry Green, Uncle Mario, Achilles, Benjamin Franklin, etc., but now I think we should move onto my personal favorite character in the franchise and it might be a surprising one to you all.


Even though I called it from miles away that James Kidd's was really a woman, I still gotta say that I FREAKING ADORED THIS CHARACTER! From her introduction to her...*sigh* death I could not get enough of her. Funny, adorable, sexy, lovable, sexy, badass, strong, sexy, cool, sexy, and did I mention sexy? I loved this character so much that I wanted a DLC story to show that she really wasn't dead or show her story of joining the Brotherhood. Yeah, Ade gets a story but what does Mary get? A tiny Easter egg in Syndicate....BOOOO!! I get that they wanted historic accuracy since how she dies in the game is how she died in real life but she was too cool to die. I was bummed for the rest of the game after that.

So those are my picks some of the best and the best characters in this amazing franchise. I can't wait to see what Michael Fassbender brings to Aguilar and Callum Lynch in the Assassin's Creed movie. Will he surpass Mary and her epicness? We shall see. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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