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This is not just a movie or a story! But six different people, living three different loves and lives, with problems, drugs, sex, disease, family problems... but what actually makes this a great movie, is that nothing is too much, there's a bit of everything and doesn't keep us in just one feeling the all time!

The movie provides us many different emotions, such as sadness, fear, curiosity, worry, excitement... it made me laugh, cry, smile! And those are feelings I want to have while watching a movie, those are the feelings I hope to have in my life!

OK?! But you didn't told us what is it about, after all...

Well, if I did told you the story, I would have to use the "Add a spoiler" button... And believe me, the story is much better if you just, don't even know the characters names!

We get it! But tell us anyways... Without Spoilers!

There are three different love stories:

A girl who does not believe in true love, that sleeps with every guy, falls in love with the nice one who's trying to "save" her!

You're Cute, Lou.
But you reek of romance and good intentions.

A boy who never experienced the crazy life of a college teen, falls in love with the wrong girl... together they survive drugs, college parties and a lot more!

I remember that it hurt.

Looking at her hurt.

A father, getting threw a solitary time, missing his ex-wife, who just got together with another man... This separate couple get threw, there kids life problems, there own secret promises, putting in risk there family!

As I stood there staring through the window into my ex-wife's new life, I was overcome by the oddest sensation...

I hope that you like it such as me, it is actually my favorite movie.

Now the spoilers... PLEASE!

(If you do not want any spoiler you should not read any more... and go watch the movie, I'm telling you it is worth it! )

  • All three couples, have a happy ending;
  • They all make part of a family;
  • Lou's mother dies;
  • Bill is keeping a promise he has made to his wife Erica, by waiting for her;
  • Samantha and her mother, make peace between them, when she finds out that her father had cheated in the past;

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