ByRichard Uberton, writer at

The new Daredevil teaser just released, and I would like to take a minute just to highlight why I think it is so amazing. Keep in mind this is just my opinion, you can share yours below.

The trailer starts off with the painted roof of a church, and has stylized versions of events from season 1 painted around the ceiling. As the camera goes from painting to painting, lines from the first season are played. Then at the end, the camera shows a new image with most of the shows characters and backs up through the church. The windows then shatter and the candles are blown out.

I think that this was a brilliant way to do a teaser. Often with these shows, we will either get action shots from the upcoming season, or a rehash of old footage with a tease of the new season at the end.

Artistically rendering the scenes on the ceiling and highlighting some of the most dramatic moments from last season shows just how different this show is than the other comic book shows on TV. And personally, I love it.

That is just my opinion though, you can comment yours below.


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