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Everyone who watches and felt in love with the TV show Doctor Who has to have at least an object, a poster or even clothes that represents the show. I have a few things myself but I have to say that it is hard to find them because of my location. Of course, the web site like Amazon and Ebay helps us, but still hard to find what you really want. It is why I want to present Alexandra Looseley-Saul, a fan of Doctor Who, owner of the Who Shop in East Ham.

She was born in April 1958 in England. In 1983, she appears once in a BBC series; Bergerac. The next year, she opened the Who Shop with the help of her brother John. In April 11, 1987 she married Kevan Looseley, who now helps her with the shop. And we don’t have to forget to mention that she is a really big fan of Doctor who.

In the Who Shop we can find unimaginable and wonderful thing. We can find some things related to Torchwood, Sarah Janes Adventures, K9 Adventures and even Sherlock TV series. The Who shop also have a museum that present different costumes, characters and many others objects from the classic and the new series. Between us, I think she did a wonderful work!

So if you are looking for something that you didn’t find yet, you are in a country where they don’t talk much about the show, you can be sure that you will find it in the Who shop. And if you plan to travel to England, be sure to visit all the museums!


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