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Video Game movies have always been every gamers crushed dreams. Each one of them failing to meet fans expectations. However 2016 seems to be trying to fix that. Several video game to movie adaptions are in the works. Some of these films that aren't officially announced are Splinter Cell, Halo, and Uncharted. However Blizzard Games has done very interesting things with its gaming properties that could actually lead up to a cinematic universe.


This is essentially a Orc vs Human movie, however I believe overtime more species will come into a movie franchise and we will get a official film titled World of Warcraft!


This hasn't been announced as a film but just look at its potential. A cinematic film with a Pixar styled animation shows great action and potential for a movie, and when asked about if it would be a movie a employee stated

... We have a great animation department

This statement provides great promise, the url for the trailer is below along with more handy images

Assassins Creed-2016!

The film that everyone is excited about is assassins creed. Staring Michael Fassbender

who also portrays magneto in x men first class, this film shows great potential

Which video game film are you most excited for?

Sound off in the comments below and I'll be sure to reply to each one and any questions you have!


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