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With some shows, you really just need your fix of information every so often or you are in danger of getting a nervous twitch similar to the one I get if I don't watch a Marvel film every couple of weeks (mostly joking).

Without a doubt, Game of Thrones is right up at the top of this list. There is simply way too much hype constantly surrounding this show, which is more like a long series of films with the grand scale and immense pay cheques. The fan base is about the same size as the list of characters who have died on the show, and the constant battle between those that have read the books and haven't is as intense as the Red Wedding. But with all of the hype surrounding the upcoming sixth season of the legendary show, we haven't been able to make a countdown calendar until it returns...

...until now.

While we always knew that the show would return in April, we now have an actual date for the premiere of the sixth season. Just released onto the social media pages for the show, see below!

That's right! While many fans will have been hoping for an earlier release date in April, it will be Sunday April 24th before we find out the fate of all our favorite characters, or at least the ones with uncertain fates at the end of Season 5. It makes quite a lot of sense, considering that it usually ends in mid-June after a ten episode run. But this is going to increase the hype to extreme levels, and if you just need a bit of a fix then check out below a video of Natalie Dormer discussing the sixth season and the pressures associated with it!

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