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We all know that Hugh Jackman has said a lot of times that the third Wolverine solo film, set to be based off of the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, is set to be his final performance as the character. But the internet is going crazy, as it does over anything, over a picture that Jackman recently posted on his Twitter account. Check it out below.

Now the internet came at this like a pack of hungry wolves, and jumped to the immediate conclusion that Jackman was suggesting there could be a fourth Wolverine film, and that he would actually carry on playing the character longer than he had previously said. Now, most people will be reading this right now and saying that it is a totally ridiculous and crazy idea. And for the most part, I agree. Check this out.

Yes, there are three claws there. Why are there four claws in the picture above? Well it almost certainly does not mean that there is a fourth Wolverine film coming. It isn't even Wolverine claws. They are, in fact, similar claws which are from the film Enter the Dragon, and were attached to the hand of the character played by Kien Shih when he fought Bruce Lee. That is why there are four claws, not because he was teasing another appearance as Wolverine.

However, surely Jackman knew what he was doing when he gave the picture that caption. I mean I do know how ridiculous it sounds, but is there a tiny sliver of hope that he knows exactly what he is doing, and wants to leave the possibility open for him to return in the role? Even if he never came back for another solo film, maybe he could return in an X-Men film for a cameo or a small role. Honestly, I just hope they don't instantly recast him. It would be terrible to watch anyone else in the role, and while I imagine they will cast someone else eventually, it is definitely a good idea to leave it for a few years.

But what do you think? I mean I know it's crazy... but is it?

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