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Hello! I used to post fictional battles, but I now post things about comics. Enjoy!

I love Batman. And Batman isn't complete without his long rogues gallery. So here are DC's 10 best Batman villains in my opinion.

10. The Penguin

Starting off this list is the Murderous Mammal, the Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot is a crime lord who is obsessed with ornithology. His arsenal features a wide array of trick umbrellas, such as a machine gun umbrella and a helicopter umbrella. The Iceberg Lounge serves as his illegal base of operations. Unlike other villains, the Penguin tends to commit crimes against other criminals that he thinks owns too much power, such as the Joker.

Ninth on this list is the Feline Female, Catwoman. Selina Kyle is a cat burglar who dons a catsuit and commits spectacular robberies, often to steal jewels. Catwoman has an on-off relationship with Batman, and even knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Even though Catwoman is mainly a criminal, she has worked with the Caped Crusader on numerous occasions.

8. Bane

The Villain with Venom takes the eighth spot on this list. Bane was raised in the harsh Santa Prisca Prison and after he escaped the prison, became a deadly assassin. He was subjected to an experiment that involved a strength inducing drug called Venom. When he is injected with Venom, he gains superhuman strength. He has been called, "The Man Who Broke The Bat", because he has broken Batman's back.

7. Two-Face

The Two-Faced Troublemaker takes the seventh place on this list. Harvey Dent was a Gotham District Attorney until a crime boss threw acid at his face, scarring half of it. This traumatic incident also fractured his mental state. His double-headed coin has one side scratched out and is usually used to decide his victim's fate. Two-Face is also obsessed with the number two. He wears two halves of a suit, has two .22 pistols, and usually steals $2 million dollars or robs banks on 22nd Street.

6. Mr Freeze

Sixth on this list is the Frozen Foe, Mr Freeze. Victor Fries was a cryogenicist whose wife was terminally ill. He used cryogenics to keep her in suspended animation until he could find a cure for her disease. He turned to a life of crime after another scientist stopped funding his research. During one of his experiments, an explosion consumed him in ice, drastically lowering his body temperature. He could no longer survive in room temperature, so he built a Cryo-Suit to maintain his low body temperature. His freeze gun is able to instantly freeze anything it comes into contact with.

5. The Riddler

Fifth on this list is the Enigmatic Evil-Doer, the Riddler. Edward Nygma is a criminal mastermind who is obsessed with riddles and puzzles. His father abused him as a child, so he has an uncanny requirement to tell the truth. He leaves clues at each of his crime scenes to prove his superiority to others. Once, Batman outsmarted the Riddler so bad, he went insane. Sometimes, the Riddler rides in a "Riddlemobile" with "???" on its license plate.

4. Ra's al Ghul

The League of Assassins Leader takes the fourth spot in this list. In Arabic, Ra's al Ghul means "The Head of the Demon". Little is known about Ra's al Ghul's past, but it is known that he has survived for centuries using the Lazarus Pit. The Lazarus Pit is a mystic pool that can revive or rejuvenate a person who is dead or terminally ill. His goal is to save the Earth from ecological destruction by destroying its population. In his training to become Batman, Bruce Wayne trained with the League of Assasins, led by Ra's al Ghul. Ra's al Ghul sees Batman as a valuable ally, but Batman refuses to take part in his plan to kill innocents.

3. Deathstroke

Taking the third spot on this list is the Merciless Mercenary, Deathstroke. Slade Wilson was a soldier in the U.S. Army who undertook an experiment that made him a super-soldier. The experiment gave him enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, and healing abilities. It also allowed him to use 90% of his mental capacity. After he tested these enhancements, he left the Army and became a mercenary. He lost his right eye when his wife tried to kill him. His enemies include Batman, Green Arrow, and the Teen Titans.

2. Scarecrow

The Terrifying Tyrant takes the second place on this list. Jonathan Crane was a psychologist who specialized in fear. He was fired from his job because he fired a gun in a classroom of students to illustrate a point. This made him turn to a life of crime. He invented a gas that makes its victims see their worst fear. Jonathan Crane's tall and lanky appearance was based on the Legend of Sleepy Hallow's Ichabod Crane.

1. The Joker

Of course, the Clown Prince of Crime takes first place. It is not certain who the Joker is, but Jack Napier seems to be the most accepted backstory. Jack Napier was a chemical worker who pursued a career in comedy, but failed. Struggling to support his pregnant wife, Jack agreed to help two criminals break into Ace Chemicals. During the planning, the police contacted Jack to tell him his wife died in a household accident. Feeling guilt-stricken, he attempts to back out of the plan. But the two criminals force him to continue the crime. As soon as they enter the chemical plant, they are immediately fired upon by security, and the two criminals are killed. As Jack tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman. Out of fear, he jumps into a vat of chemicals, bleaching his skin white and coloring his hair green. He lost his sanity due to all these events. The Joker has had a major impact on Batman's life, including Barbara Gordon's paralysis and the death of Jason Todd.

Well, there's my list.


Who's your favorite Batman villain?


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