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I love Nintendo primarily, but Marvel and Rocky are pretty cool too. Also, I randomly like The Wind Rises, Life of Pi, and BB-8. Cool, huh?
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Ever since the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I've loved BB-8. His design looked amazing, and how he moved was so unique and awesome! I loved him even before the movie came out, and once I saw it, that was the final nail in the coffin. He's now my favorite Star Wars character, and here's why.

Why He's So Awesome:

1. His design

Oooh mama, what a design. It feels like it's already a classic! It's new, but it feels like I've seen it before. It fits right in with the rest of the Star Wars crew! I also like his colors, they're not too bright and there aren't too many of them to make him look overwhelming. There's also the obvious fact the he rolls around, which is amazing! He's a droid, but he feels more alive because he's so dynamic and mobile! That's not something I can say about every droid..

2. His Personality

He reminds me of a family pet, being so loyal and lovable.. I love him! I just want him to roll around my house and sleep by my feet at night! Not to mention he's super funny. Some of the best moments of Episode VII for me were his comedic moments. I feel like they took the initial R2-D2 sassy attitude, and built upon it, making it stand by itself instead of heavily relying on C3P0's reactions. He's a little sassy, but still lovable.. kind of like a cat.

Now that we've established why I adore BB-8, I'm going to drop the bomb and say it... BB-8 is better than R2-D2. Yep, I said it. He's everything R2-D2 is and more. The only reason I could see someone liking R2 more is purely for nostalgia reasons. And since I don't have too much nostalgia for Star Wars (I like it, but it's never been my favorite), I can look at BB-8 through a clean lens and say that he is better than R2-D2 in every way. I'm not saying I hate R2 now (he's still like my 8th favorite Star Wars character), I'm just saying that BB-8 is better.

Sorry pal.. there's a new droid in town.
Sorry pal.. there's a new droid in town.

And with my love for BB-8 growing by the minute, I had to get some merchandise! For Christmas this year I got the Funko POP! figure, 3.75" scale figure, a t-shirt, and last but not least, the BB-8 Sphero. Oh man, that thing is so cool!! If anyone is on the fence about getting it, it's worth every penny, it's so awesome!! It's up there as one of the best Christmas presents ever!!

BB-8 Sphero... so cool!
BB-8 Sphero... so cool!

Thanks for reading guys! And before you go down to the comments and type a rage-filled essay on why I'm stupid, just keep in mind that these are my opinions and I do not intend to disparage yours if they differ from mine.

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!

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