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Captain America: Civil War, being released in May of this year, loosely follows the comic book simply entitled "Civil War". The story was supposed to pit your favorite heroes against each other while both sides were fighting for a noble cause. Captain America wanted to protect his superhero friends while Iron Man wanted to keep the people safe. It was a brilliant story that eventually lost track in Iron Man's storyline that eventually made him a somewhat villain. However, with Civil War being transformed into another Marvel blockbuster, we have to wonder how different it will be from the comics. Who will not be in the movie but played an important role in the comic books.

Well, here are six key characters from the Civil War comics that will not appearing in the film.

6. Nitro

While Speedball and the New Warriors were filming for their reality show, they wanted to show that they were not meant to be messed around with. So they decided to take down a known group of villains including Nitro who causes a massive explosion that kills almost all the members of the New Warriors and 600 innocent people including 60 children. These actions eventually paved the way for the Government to spearhead the Registration campaign and started the Civil War. Because of Nitro's actions, he is hunted by both Wolverine and Namor to bring him to justice. This even results in him losing an arm to Wolverine in a pending struggle.

As Civil War goes on, it is shown that Nitro did not act alone in his actions but Walter Declun, the CEO of Damage Control, acted as a benefactor to Nitro.

5. Fantastic Four

A family torn apart
A family torn apart

Along with Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four would've been great to introduce in Civil War or Phase 2 of the MCU. In Civil War, The Fantastic Four were a family divided because of the Registration Act. Richard Reed a.k.a Mr. Fantastic sided with Iron Man's pro-registration team and even helped build the Negative Zone prison. Invisible Girl and Human Torch sided with Captain America's anti-registration team. Ben Grimm, however, wanted nothing to do with the war so he defected and ran off to France until the whole thing blew over.

The trauma of a broken family would have been a great addition to the drama of Captain America: Civil War but FOX is still too busy destroying the franchise with reboot after terrible reboot.

4. The X-Men

For most of the Civil War, the mutants tried to stay neutral to the whole debacle. Cyclops wanted to protect his mutant students from the rest of the superhero community, however some of the X-Men still took a stance in the war. For example, Wolverine and Storm both sided with Captain America's anti-registration team. Wolverine hunted down Nitro after the Stamford incident and Storm, along with Invisible Woman, took down Ragnarok from killing anymore of the Secret Avengers.

However, once again, FOX is ruining our fun with holding the movie rights by stretching the franchise to almost 2 decades... Seriously guys, Spider-Man has been rebooted three times in the timeline of the X-Men franchise. Hulk and Fantastic Four have been rebooted twice, it's getting ridiculous.

3. Hank Pym

As opposed to the movie version of Hank Pym portrayed by Michael Douglas, Hank Pym was actually a close friend of Tony Stark in the comics and was also a leader of the pro-registration side of the war. The headed the project of the Negative Zone prison and also the clone of Thor that was named Ragnarok. Hank Pym was an extreme advantage to the pro-registration team with his scientific contributions.

Also, it was later revealed that Hank Pym was a skrull impostor all along during the Civil War storyline and this eventually lead into the Secret Invasion storyline.

2. Speedball

A broken hero
A broken hero

Speedball, along with with the rest of the New Warriors, were a superhero team who also had their own reality show where they stop crime for ratings. On one their episodes, they try to take down a group of villains but it causes Nitro to explode and kill over 600 people, including about 60 children. Speedball was the only one to survive the ordeal and the guilt of all the deaths in Stamford haunt him.

He is even given the nickname "baby killer" by the media. The sad guilt of Speedball's character would have been really interesting to see in movie form. A happy go-lucky new superhero who makes a terrible mistake that cost many people their lives and then lives with that for the rest of their superhero career. Unfortunately, Speedball isn't really popular enough to be in the MCU movies.

1. The Punisher

The Punisher is basically responsible for one of the most memorable moments in the Civil War storyline. Frank Castle, at first, tried to stay out of the Civil War until Iron Man starts recruiting villains like Venom and Bullseye to help their cause. Then Punisher saves Spider-Man's life after Spider-Man wanted to leave the pro-registration team by bringing him to Captain America for medical attention. This causes the members of the anti-registration team to consider letting Frank Castle fight for their cause. They are reluctant because of Frank's past record of murder and violence.

Although, after Punisher executes villains Goldbug and Plunderer when they want to join the anti-registration team. This causes Captain America to lose it and beat Punisher within an inch of his life and when Captain America tells him to fight back, the Punisher tells him " No, not against you". Then Spider-Man says one of the most true things about the Punisher, that Captain America is probably the reason Frank went into Vietnam. Also, that Frank is essentially the same as Captain America but in a different war, including Frank's war on crime. Marvel's Civil War just won't be the same to me without the whole Punisher side-story.


1. Goliath

Goliath sides with Captain America and becomes a key member to the anti-registration team. During a struggle with the pro-registration team, Ragnarok (Thor's clone) blasts a hole into Goliath's chest and kills him. Goliath's death causes many heroes to lose faith in Iron Man's team and defect to Captain America including Sue Storm, Spider-Man, Human Torch and more. It would be great to have this character in the movie but you can easily trade him out with another hero.

2. Norman Osborn

Also known as the Spider-Man archenemy, Green Goblin, Norman has his dirty hands in many parts of Civil War. Norman was responsible for the attack on the Atlanteans that causes Namor to go to war. It is also implied that Norman is behind a larger conspiracy behind the Civil War. Soon later, he becomes the new head of the Thunderbolts and eventually starts a rivalry with the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

3. Thor/Ragnarok

There can only be one
There can only be one

Many people were surprised to hear that Thor would not be appearing in Captain America: Civil War. However, it seems that Marvel Studios wants to keep the whole Ragnarok storyline for another standalone Thor film. However, Ragnarok plays a fairly large role in Civil War where he kills Goliath and accidentally makes Captain America's team stronger. Ragnarok was eventually destroyed by the hero Hercules in a fight.


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