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Articles and blog posts about the most recent installment of the Star Wars franchise have flooded the Internet. No matter what where you go online, you see these stories. Some are eloquently written by professional writers and critics. Others are screenshots and quotations from everyday Facebook posts. And by now, you think you’ve seen and read it all. You know the fifty theories about Rey’s parents. You have your own ideas about the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. By now, I’m sure you think you know of every single easter egg too.

I thought the same thing… until yesterday.

I credit my friend David for this discovery. He is by no means a Star Wars fanatic (as evidenced by his fondness for The Phantom Menace); I don’t even think he’s seen the original trilogy in its entirety. He is, however, a fan of another movie series created by George Lucas, Indiana Jones.

I forced David to see The Force Awakens with me. I’m glad I did.

As we watched Rey, Finn, and BB-8 escape from Jakku early in movie, his eyes lit up. I knew he saw something. It wasn’t until we were out of the theater that he could tell me what it was.

When our heroes make a break for the Millennium Falcon, you can just make out a familiar character in the bottom left of the screen. See if you can recognize him.

Did you see him? A figure resembling Short Round for Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom seems to be making an escape of his own; he, of course, on the back of an elephant. The scene is intense and numerous other characters are seen running around in efforts to avoid the attack from The First Order so don’t feel bad if you didn’t catch this easter egg.

What do you think? Is that Short Round? Maybe it’s Data from The Goonies? Discuss in the comments.


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