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Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? If you haven't, you should definitely go see it. You might already know this but the movie has hit the marker for #1 best-selling movie in all North America, passing Avatar.

Now, as much as I loved the movie, there were some flaws.

First of all, Kylo Ren wasn't as badass as I expected. I mean, he did kill his father and stopped a ray in mid-air. But his attitude was so conflicting. I expected him to be fully dark-side and super evil, almost as much as Darth Vader. He couldn't even fight against Rey, a new character in the movie who knew nothing about fighting or using the force (I love Rey by the way)

Second, why did Finn (FN-2187) suddenly decide to go against the First Order? Aren't they all programmed to follow certain rules? I guess we'll find out.

And finally, related to the first one, is the problem with Rey. Rey is an amazing character but what I didn't like was that she handled her fight with Kylo as if she was a Jedi (We don't know yet, but still).

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading. Leave comments about what you think below.


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