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Since the release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, there has been one major question fans have been dying to have answered: who are Rey's parents? The movie told us that she was left behind on the planet by her family (not really specified as parents) and they never came back for her. That is really all the movie gave us.

Countless theories have sprung up since the movie's release trying to explain who Rey's parents are, including Obi Wan Kenobi (or his descendants) and Luke Skywalker. The Luke theory pans out to be the strongest, and this is supported by Disney Infinity, as Kylo Ren at it is theorized that at one point he refers to Rey as his "cousin" during the latest additions to the game. Though Disney Infinity is not Star Wars canon, people are still taking this as proof that she is Luke's daughter. And though it may not be canon, it is actually a strong amount of evidence. Check out the video for yourself.

Unfortunately for the Luke theory, the movie does actually disprove it, for the most part. We witness a flashback of Rey during the dream sequence of when she was left behind. She looked around 4 or 5. At that age, most kids would be able to remember who their parents were. Later in the film, she hears the name of Luke and is shocked because she didn't know he even existed. The only way around this plot hole would be to explain that she never met Luke, which is kind of far-fetched considering that Luke was mentally stable around the time of her birth.

Cailey Fleming, Young Rey in The Force Awakens
Cailey Fleming, Young Rey in The Force Awakens

What we do know about Rey, however, is that she has an incredible connection with the Force, being able to use it almost perfectly with zero training. Not even Luke himself could do it. In Empire Strikes Back, Luke could barely use the Force to summon a lightsaber out of the snow, yet Rey managed to summon it out of the snow with a Force stronger than that of Kylo Ren. But how is this possible?

Clearly, she has a strong connection with the Force, stronger than that of Luke, Kylo Ren and any other descendants of Anakin Skywalker. Her abilities seem to be incredibly powerful, even without proper training. In addition, she is an inexplicably fantastic pilot and great with tools. Sound familiar?

Perhaps Rey's strong connection with the Force is not a matter of being born to a Jedi, but rather being born of the Force itself. In The Phantom Menace, we learned that Anakin Skywalker was born from midi-chlorians, a.k.a., the Force. There was really no explanation, but he could use the Force impressively well for someone with zero training, in addition to being a fantastic pilot (which seems to be a common trait for Jedi).

Rey appears to share many of these traits, in addition to having a mysterious parentage. Notice that she refers to her family as "family" rather than "parents." This may be due to the fact that she does not have "parents" but rather a single mother and her mother's family. Like Anakin, there was likely no father.

When Anakin was born, it was said he would fulfill the prophecy by bringing balance to the Force, which he later did in Return of the Jedi when he killed the Emperor. But, as we now see in The Force Awakens, the Force is still not balanced. The Dark Side still runs wild with the Knights of Ren, led by Snoke.

Perhaps the midi-chlorians gave life to yet another "Chosen One" to bring balance to the Force, bringing good fortune and a path to the Jedi to her just as it did to Anakin. Rey is the new Chosen One, born of the Force, who will finally re-balance the Force and bring peace to the Galaxy.

To avoid negative backlash, it is likely that the Star Wars saga may never actually explain this in depth, but rather keep it a secret in the films, eventually releasing it into canon. This would explain why it was never answered in the latest film. Though many may deny it, there is no evidence in the series to prove it wrong. Rey may end up being a descendant of the Force, just like Anakin Skywalker.

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