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This week, reports have been flying that Arrow star Stephen Amell would be leaving the hit series, despite being the star of the show.

Rumors started when Supernatural revealed that they would have a wrestling episode later this season. In an impressive example of adding 2 and 2 to get fifty, the Inquisitr put this news together with Amell's love of wrestling and a tweet that showed him watching Supernatural, and questioned whether the star would ditch Arrow for a part on the spooky series.

While fans would love to see Amell join Supernatural for an episode or two, even if he was offered a part, it wouldn't mean him leaving Arrow. The two shows are on the same network, both filmed in Vancouver, and Amell has an adorable bromance going on with Jared Padalecki - all of which means that a cameo could theoretically be pretty easy to do while staying with his own show.

Despite this, Amell took to Facebook to reassure fans that he's not going anywhere.

As well as confirming that he will be sticking around until at least 2019 (assuming the show continues till then), Amell further clarified his position on a Supernatural cameo in the comments.

If they asked me, sure? If I was available, sure. Have they asked me? No. Would I be available? No.

It seems that the only issue standing between him and a guest spot is filming Arrow/Flash crossover episodes, Legends of Tomorrow crossover episodes, making convention appearances, filming and promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, watching (and being in) wrestling matches and having a family just doesn't leave a whole lot of time free for other projects. Shockingly.

Finally, just to add a dollop of the usual Amell brand of awesome, he threw in the answer to the meaning of life, too.

Thanks, Mr. Amell! We're glad to know you aren't going anywhere! Check out the teaser for episode 10, Season 4 of 'Arrow' airing Jan. 20 on The CW.


Did you believe the rumors that Stephen Amell would leave Arrow?


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