ByMichael Paul Phillips, writer at

Let's be honest, Arrow is one of the best shows on TV. It is fuelled with captivating characters, mesmerising storylines and spellbinding fight scenes. So what WOULD Stephen Amell leave?

Stephen is known to be a tease. He teases about every single season whilst on set filming and is almost like an excited child who is trying to tell someone a secret, without actually saying it. So you could be forgiven for thinking that this is just another tease. Another Amell prank if you will.

But something about this doesn't feel as if we are being 'Amelled'.

If you watch his live Facebook videos, or even read his tweets and instagrams, Amell always talks about how, towards the ending of the season, he is glad that it is coming to an end. He just wants them to be done. And there's nothing wrong with that. But recently, he seems to be longing for the end of filming which could possibly suggest that he is starting to get bored with Arrow.

Think of it like school. After a long summer break - your excited to go back and see your friends and can't wait to get all of the summer gossip. And heck, you might even be looking forward to actually doing some work for a change - but then, the more your there, the more you just want to be home and not have to deal with it anymore. Is that how Amell is feeling?

If Amell leaves Arrow then I really cannot see the show progressing into another run. (As much as I would like to see that) but Amell IS the Arrow. He IS the star of the show. How could a human operate without a spine? It can't.

Amell is the frame of the show, without him it could possibly fall apart, and if not, just simply won't be as enjoyable or as good of a show to watch.

Needless to say, Arrow is doing very healthily right now, and remains to draw in millions of viewers, but could The Arrow himself be bored of the same routine, is he planning on leaving?

Its all just rumours and speculations at the moment, nothing is set in stone and I honestly do not believe that Amell is in fact going to leave the show, his show.


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