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You can almost hear the jungle drums begin to pound--! A brand new remake of Jumanji, dubbed as a "re-imagining" of the original 1995 blockbuster starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, is on its way! On December 25, 2016, get ready to revisit your childhood nostalgia and scare a whole new generation of children with spooky rhymes, duplicitous die made from bones, and challenges that just might kill you..unless you make the right moves to finish the game alive.

Like everyone else at this point, I want to know, "what can we expect in this new film"!? Little has been revealed thus far, but I'm betting we can anticipate a whole new crop of thrills and chills, special effects and maybe even some spectacular 3D sequences that will give us nightmares! I remember being amazed at the original Jumanji because it was one of the first films to really utilize CGI; it really made you feel the goosebumps on your skin and feel like you were experiencing the jungle in your own living room. Jumanji is a film that I've never been able to forget because it was so unique and one of my first experiences with CGI effects. But for all of its achievements, technology has progressed so much more today in realism and Avatar-like virtual worlds that I can only anticipate what the CGI will have in store for us in 2016! Can you imagine what the typhoon will look like? What about the animals stampeding through the city? Or the monkeys tearing up the kitchen? I always loved the final scene which showed the game elements getting sucked back into the board after Alan finally beat the game! And I will never forget the final scene when the game washed up on the shores of another country and the drum beats could be heard calling out to another child who had no idea what she was in for!! So chilling, I can feel all the excitement now! It has been years since I have seen Jumanji, so like many of my fellow 90's kids, the impact is still very much alive in me and I can hardly wait to see what this new Jumanji will have in store for us!

There will be some sadness surrounding the new film as well. For one, a new big name star will have to replace Robin Williams--one of my all-time favorite actors and someone I idolized as a kid growing up in the 1990's; two delightful new-comers could also make a name for themselves in the Jumanji remake as Kirsten Dunst once did in her starring role as Judy Shepherd.

There is also a possibility that this film could explore entirely new characters with only loose connections to the original film. In some ways I would prefer that, because no-one could ever really replace the original characters. But since the film is called a "re-imagining" by the script writers,my guess is that it will closely follow the original story line which could be equally terrific.

Either way, Jumanji 2016 is sure to be: “A FILM for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind,”; twenty-one years after the original film premiered in theaters!

What do you guys think? Should Jumanji 2016 be a sequel, or a remake? Let everyone know what you hope to see in this film!


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