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Hey its me Blackbatman and i have some great news to share and my awesome theories and how to draws
Joseph Gaddis

There has been a legit mistake in the business bros and brahs, now we got some new word on Batman V superman, I recently watched the film that was sent to me by "a friend"

Batman wins the fight kinda..... Batman is persistent in the whole fight and honestly at times I thought he would lose he has a kryptonight gun and lasers attached to the bat symbol.

Batman has a huge advantages over supes some that save his life,

#1. superman has no killer intent (at first)

Now in the trailer #2 you see footage of batman punch superman in the face then superman got pissed and they swung some hands.

#2.Kryptonite- when batman introduces that it got that much more interesting to see how the fight found its balance.

#3.supes can't fight, ok so in the film supes does not use any skill if any a small combo.

#4. He is the damn batman

Batman in the film takes a beating tho he is getting smashed though railings roofs walls etc it's really Good.

Aqua man and wonder woman have a problem with each other,

Lex- dumbass,clever,bastardized,genius


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