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It's no secret of cinema that director Quentin Tarantino is an auteur in the art of film. His films have spanned the greats; from smash opening hit onto the scene Reservoir Dogs, the ever debated Django Unchained, and even his latest The Hateful Eight which heralds back to a time of classic cinema, with a break in between the 70mm print screenings (like old 20's black and white films) and pamphlets given out upon entrance about the film itself.

Tarantino is a noted fan of Asian cinema, drawing Japanese influences in his films from the works of Akira Kurosawa and his 'Seven Samurai' (influences most notable in films such as Kill Bill (which also references Ringo Lam's City On Fire and Samurai Fiction). Tarantino has even drawn heavily from Spaghetti Westerns, with the likes of Clint Eastwood's notable Man with no name being a genre trope all unto itself that Tarantino exploits. As a director, he heavily homages films from an array of cinematic history, never quite verging on the border of plagiarism (though he is heavily criticised for it) and the results are evident in his work.

Indiewire created an example of Tarantino's best homages and influences in his films, which you should really check out.

Referenced Films (in order of appearance):

'City on Fire' (1987)

'Django' (1966)

'Band of Outsiders' (1964)

'8 1/2' (1963)

'The Warriors' (1979)

'Psycho' (1960)

'Kiss Me Deadly' (1955)

'The Flintstones' (1960-66)

'Superchick' (1973)

'The Graduate' (1967)

'Citizen Kane' (1941)

'Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell' (1968)

'Lady Snowblood' (1973)

'City of the Living Dead' (1980)

'Black Sunday' (1977)

'Game of Death' (1978)

'Miller's Crossing' (1990)

'Death Rides a Horse' (1966)

'Gone in 60 Seconds' (1974)

'Samurai Fiction' (1998)

'Blade Runner' (1982)

'The Searchers' (1956)

'Once Upon a Time in the West' (1968)

'Five Fingers of Death' (1972)

'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' (1966)

'Convoy' (1978)

'The Bird With the Crystal Plumage' (1970)

'Unforgiven' (1992)

'The Searchers' (1956)

'Metropolis' (1927)

'Django' (1966)

'Gone With the Wind' (1939)

'The Great Silence' (1968)

'A Professional Gun' (1968)

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