ByPatsy Mother-Gad Locklear, writer at

Is it not enough that we were stripped down to nothing, the less population in the united States of America. Almost 100 million of my people slaughtered or killed by smallpox. When I was a child tricker treating I'd want to be a gypsy. Kids in the neighborhood would dress with native headdress and play "indian" hobo's (which no one wants to play a homeless person anymore, correct? But in the 70's was a big thing. No one took offense really.

Does he state he hates the native people?We are now in every way "politically correct". For him to make this noble stand is great but as it seems you see the hypocrisy on his behalf. I still enjoy him in movies, especially superhero movies. Thor is cool. Can't wait to see his new movie.

This is why we must be so careful what one does and says. It will come back to bite you. It will often show ones true nature. My grandparents loved John Wayne, myself, I only liked him in the Quiet Man, but he was the biggest biggot and racist. Same with Charlton Heston. Prejudice. My people have suffered enough mockery. I still don't think he's prejudice or against us. Our men are warriors, war paint maybe he was playing warrior.


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