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Warning: The below article features 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' spoilers!

If, like me, you spent the last half of 2015 desperately trying to avoid any and all Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers, only to be caught off guard literally one week before its grand opening, then this revelation may help you feel a little less bitter about the whole thing. Maybe.

Spoilers for the seventh film in the Star Wars franchise were literally everywhere for months thanks to pesky Internet trolls, however as it turns out, one of the major spoilers for the ending of The Force Awakens has been within our grasp since 2010. That's two years before movie was even announced!

Five years ago, the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2—Battle of Endor was released and, as the game isn't part of the Star Wars canon, its story line was free to do whatever the hell it wanted. So, guess who they decided to brutally murder? Yep, that's right. Han Solo!

At the time of its release Devin Faraci of Birth Movies Death pointed this out and actually questioned whether or not it was a massive spoiler:

I feel like an old man. I watched the video embedded below and I was just confused. How is this possible? Does the 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' games series take place in an alternate universe that no one told me about? Also, is it still the '90s and we want grim and gritty murders in our family friendly stories? Why do people like playing games that are full of barely interactive quicktime events? And finally… is this a huge spoiler?

I have no fucking idea. All I know is that in The Force Unleashed 2 you can take part in the Battle of Endor on the wrong side and murder the shit out of Han and Chewie. I have to admit this made me feel… uneasy. I think I’m definitely too old.

And, as it turns out, he was right!

Crazy, huh?

Source: Gizmodo, Birth Movies Death


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