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In addition to delivering Star Wars to a new era, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens also acted as a reunion of sorts for our heroes from a galaxy far, far away. However, there was, of course, one major name missing from the Disney-headed iteration of the franchise: George Lucas.

The original Star Wars creator has suffered a bit of a reputation hit in recent years, especially following the lackluster reaction to his prequel trilogy. However, there are still some Star Wars fans out there who want to see Lucas return to direct one of the movies of the new trilogy.

Check out the re-mastered original trailer for Lucas' first 'Star Wars' movie, 'A New Hope,' below:

A petition has been created with the aim of persuading Disney to let Lucas direct Star Wars: Episode IX, the final film in Disney's currently planned trilogy. The petition, created by São Paulo resident Yuri Luiz, states:

Bring back George Lucas for the Star Wars movies. Put the father of the franchise as director of Episode IX . We really want this, please.

Currently, Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow is signed on to direct Episode IX, and the petition makes it clear that, although it has "no problem" with Trevorrow, he "is not the right guy to direct Star Wars: Episode IX." It continues:

George Lucas as director of Episode IX would be the perfect way to end this new trilogy and make an epic farewell between the Father of Star Wars and the whole universe of the galaxy far, far away...

And then of course, there was 'The Phantom Menace.' Check out that trailer below:

It seems Luiz isn't the only person of this persuasion. So far, 4,008 others have signed on, with some of the petition's comments taking aim at J.J. Abrams and Disney's handling of Episode VII. One stated:

I knew Disney and JJ Abrams were going to play it safe and try very hard to please the fans after all the negative reactions from the prequels, but I didn’t expect just how far back they were gonna stay within the lines. It was a pretty much a plot-point by plot-point remake of “A New Hope” and extremely heavy-handed on nostalgia and winks to the fans...
I wouldn’t say “The Force Awakens” is a bad movie overall but it does fall short in several areas. It lacks a grand vision and George Lucas is the man who can put it back into the franchise. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!

Another claimed:

I'm signing this petition because we need good storytelling in movies nowadays and not just a lot of flashy camera angles and explosions like what JJ Abrams or disney would make.

While another simply said:

George Lucas is Star Wars. Period.

Will George Lucas Ever Return?

Of course, all the petition signatures in the world might not be enough to persuade Disney to let Lucas re-helm an episode of the saga. For one thing, Lucas basically signed away any right he has to the franchise when Disney bought Star Wars back in 2012 for an unprecedented $4.05 billion.

This deal gave Disney full creative control over the series, and their non-canonization of the entire Expanded Universe shows they weren't afraid to use that control. Furthermore, with a price tag of $4.05 billion, Disney is going to want to recoup that cost. If Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens has proven one thing, it's that although Disney's approach might not produce the most original Star Wars movie, it certainly results in the most lucrative one. They know they're onto a financial winner and, presumably, they'll want to continue in that vein.

Finally, compare the trailers above to 'The Force Awakens' below:

Also, there's one more rather massive Rancor in the room. Lucas hasn't exactly been extremely complimentary of Disney following the purchase of his beloved creation. In recent weeks he has had to backtrack and apologize after terming the new Star Wars overlords "white slavers," while he also spoke about how he would have done The Force Awakens differently. In particularly, claiming he didn't like their 'retro' approach to the new trilogy.

Personally, I can imagine the House of Mouse has a pretty long memory when it comes to these kind of things, and they probably won't be too keen to bring Lucas back — no matter how many people sign an Internet petition.



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