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HBO's programming president Michael Lombardo clearly wasn't raised by no fool. As the world and its mother is currently hooked on the networks most-watched series ever, he's just made the very exciting (and sensible) announcement that Game of Thrones is just this close to securing another two seasons! YAY!

The network knows we could never get enough of the Emmy-winning fantasy drama, and thus this is now the second time the show has bagged a dual order. The announcement comes mere hours after HBO revealed the return date for its sixth season, which is April 24th incase you missed it, meaning we have roughly 3.5 months left to binge-watch the previous five seasons.

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that the potential extra two seasons have huge perks for the cast members, who've all apparently bagged 'hefty' raises:

For the cast, the news comes after the stars in October 2014 signed on for the yet-to-be officially announced seventh season with hefty pay raises. The principal Game of Thrones actors were signed only through six seasons of the show. In exchange for the option, HBO ponied up huge raises for seasons five, six and the potential season seven that will make the cast members among the highest-paid actors on cable TV. An HBO rep declined to comment on the renegotiation or the season seven options.

More details to follow!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its sixth season April 24th 2016.

Source: THR, Comic Book


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